North State Fishing Report for the week of September 27

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FEATHER RIVER: Salmon fishing has been good from the Outlet to Beercan Beach. The plugs work well at first light, followed by roe. Guides reported solid fishing throughout the week, with cats hitting roe and larger fish arriving at FlatFish with sardine wraps. A few strippers are being trapped on Beercan beach.

LEWISTON LAKE: The lake continues to kick constant quality limits for trout with a variety of methods used by fishermen across the lake. The boats are slow-dragged ‘trackers in front of the marina for success and a gold Kastmaster is a superior producer.

RÍO SACRAMENTO, Redding to Red Bluff: Salmon fishing remains unpredictable in Barge Hole. The T55 FlatFish work best with the first light. Keswick Dam flows dropped from 8,800 cfs to 8,000 cfs over the weekend. Trout fishing is still very good near Redding.

RIO SACRAMENTO, Red Bluff to Colusa: Red Bluff salmon are caught in Corning with one to four fish per boat. FlatFish plugs work well, along with the roe later in the day. Fishing has been better near the Woodson Bridge.

RIVER SACRAMENTO, Verona to Colusa: Salmon fishing has been good near Verona for fishermen who anchor with Silvertron spinners in the back. Last week he produced the best fishing so far this season.


Extreme lakes and northern rivers

ALMANOR LAKE: Strong winds and bad weather have plagued the lake last week making it difficult for fishermen to fish. Between storms, some fish between 30 and 50 feet deep have been caught while fishing with Speedy Shiners, Arctic fox fishing flies, Rapala & # 39; s and Needlefish.

LAKE BAUM: It still catches well, although the pressure has been light and there is a colder climate in the forecast that will lower the surface temperatures of the lake. Small and large pmd & # 39; s, woolly, mosquitoes, mosquitoes and leeches work well.

LAKE OF EAGLE: Fishing was harder for fishermen last week due to the variable weather and unstable conditions. Pretty fish are still caught while fishing with Arctic Fox, Speedy Shiners and Needlefish flies.

RIVER OF FALL: Fish are still caught, although the bite has slowed for many fishermen. Fly fishermen focus on Woollybuggers, mosquitoes, baetis, callibaetis and leeches.

CREEK HAT: Many fish are being caught, although fishermen have to reduce all their equipment by focusing on lures and micro-sized flies to get their bites.

PIT RIVER: Wells 3 to 5 are all fishing, but reports have been few and far between. Micro sized flies or dark colored flies are the best bet at this time of year.

SHASTA LAKE: Bass and trout chase massive shoals of bait fish and the bite has been open. Trout scattered throughout the water column are still caught 50 to 100 feet down and can be caught by fishing with the riggers. The bass is hitting almost anything you throw at them right now, as long as it looks like bait or crayfish.

LAKE OF TRINITY: There has been a good bite at the north end of the lake and soft plastics and fine-style baits are still producing a number of quality-sized basses. The little swimsuits that are fished on the head of a jig that bounce right in the bottom are getting a little good and when the conditions are correct, there is some reaction.

WHISKEYTOWN LAKE: Sea bass fishing has improved and some larger fish are caught while reaction baits, soft plastics, jigs and large baits are thrown like a Lunker Plunker.

Sacramento Valley

AMERICAN RIVER: Salmon fishing is slow throughout the country due to low flows, and some fish are reported near Discovery Park. Salmon should improve soon between Sailor Bar and Sunrise.

FOLSOM LAKE: The lake level fell one foot last week, from 442 feet to 441. The lake is 25 feet from the full pool. The water temperature is 74 degrees. Trout fishing is fair. Bass fishing is still good. Granite Bay, Brown’s Ravine, Folsom Point, the rattle bar and boat ramps on the peninsula are open.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Dunsmuir: Trout fishing is good in the Dunsmuir area. The flows over the weekend were 279 cfs in the Delta meter.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento: Fishermen who launch Flying C spinners in Sand Cove are doing well from the shore. Salmon fishing is good from Freeport to Verona, with large numbers of new fish moving upstream. Verona has been the most consistent area, but stumbling since García Bend has also been productive.

Trinidad / Klamath rivers

KLAMATH RIVER, Hornbrook: Fishermen wait for the first salmon of the season under the Iron Gate dam. Steelhead's fishing has been very good, said guide Scott Caldwell of SC Guide Service. The flows in Iron Gate are 1,018 cfs.

KLAMATH RIVER, Happy Camp: Salmon fishing has been very good in the central section of the Klamath as the autumn race progresses upstream. Roe and plugs work well, but it seems that side shifters do better. The flows in Happy Camp were 1,331 cfs and the flows in Orleans were 1,562 cfs.

KLAMATH RIVER, Klamath Glen: Until early last week, fishermen had captured 35 percent of the autumn salmon quota for the Klamath between Weithpec and the mouth. The DFW said 1,329 salmon had been harvested from the total quota of 3,819 adult kings assigned to the low river. For updates on the fee, call (800) 564-6479. The big tides this week are expected to attract new salmon schools to the lower river.

TRINITY RIVER: Salmon fishing in the fall is fair and improves as new fish arrive from the Klamath River. The spring kings are now begetting. The flows during the weekend in Lewiston were 450 cfs, while the flows in Douglas City were 579 cfs and the flows in Junction City were 576 cfs. The flows in Hoopa were 993 cfs.

Northern foothills

BULLARDS BAR RESERVATION: Craig Newton of Will Fish Tackle in Auburn said that the Kokanee are still biting here, but that they are too far away for their spawning mode. Most fish are dark. With salmon in the nearby rivers, there is very little fishing activity in Bullards anyway.

LAKE OF COLLINS: Very slow week to fish in Collins, partly due to the rains at the beginning of the week. The only notable fish was a 6-pound catfish caught by The Bridge in worms. Better days are coming, with the first stock of trout drop expected in the second or third week of October.

HOLE RESERVATOR: Here is a good bite of kokanee and the fish are still bright chrome. Craig Newton of Will Fish Tackle said this is still the place for fishermen who want to extend the kokanee season. Just keep in mind that the lake is partially sunk by work at the dam that is expected to start soon. Fortunately, the launching ramp is still in the water and is still useful, Newton said. Colder nights mean that it might be time to start stalking the Browns and Mackinaw here and in French Meadows.

OROVILLE LAKE: Jamey Sorensen of North Valley Tackle said that bass numbers are increasing, and best of all, fish are reaching reaction baits. The bite on the surface of the water has been good early and late in the shadow lines, and the boys are catching fish with cranks with crab patterns in 8 to 12 feet of water. The long points of red earth have been hot spots. It took 15 pounds to win a Club Classic tournament on Saturday.

TERMALITO AFTER: Jamey Sorensen of North Valley Tackle said the water managers disconnected, dropping the Afterbay elevation to 130 feet and leaving the areas of high and dry tunnels. That could be good news for fishermen, since the fish that are normally kept there probably moved to mats and rocks on the high seas.

Lakes of the north coast

LAKE BERRYESSA: The spoon bite is beginning to accumulate in deeper waters and fishermen have been attacking fish near Putah Creek and on the northern floors. The kokanee are still changing as they go through spawning and some of the larger adult fish have absorbed their scales and gained a hook nose, but the bite is still good.

BLACK BUTTE LAKE: Water levels have fallen significantly and intermittent thunderstorms and heavy rains made the water near the coast cloudy for a couple of days, but since then it has returned to normal and the lows bite soft plastics and stencils near a heavy cover.

BLUE LAKES: Fishermen are reaching beautiful rainbow limits and with the fall in temperatures, the pressure of the weekend has eased a bit. Chartreuse Power Bait has been the best bait, but nighttime trackers and a bobber will also work.

CLEAR LAKE: There were big tournaments held last weekend and there were decent limits of heavy fish along with multiple fish over 5 pounds. Despite the increase in boat traffic, the fish were caught in everything that was thrown from the water, frogs, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs and shooting platforms.

EAST PARK: The basses are biting spinnerbaits and jigs at the edges of the tule and the edges of the weeds at sea. Streams have been holding fish, but the best quality basses are further in the main lake in points and slopes. The humid weather in the forecast and the pressure drop will cause the fish to move.

LAKE SONOMA: Small basses are still in the bite and make it difficult to find larger fish because they are very voracious, so throwing larger baits and specific techniques for large fish will help sort the numbers. The fish are targeting large bait banks and you can find action on almost anything you throw at them. The fishermen were looking for a landlocked steel head, but reports have been few and far between how the bite is so far. It will improve in the fall.

Rivers of the North Coast

The streams and rivers of the north coast are regulated by low flow closures. Always call ahead to determine the condition of the river you want to fish. If it is not mentioned, the river is closed or there are no reports. The direct DFW low-flow closure line for the rivers of the north coast is (707) 822-3164. The number of streams on the south central coast is (831) 649-2886. New low-flow closures for Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin counties, from October 1 to April 30, call (707) 822-3164 for Mendocino, (707) 944-5533 for Sonoma, Marin and Napa.

CHETCO RIVER, Brookings, Ore.: The Chetco reached 1,400 cfs after the rain last week, and went back down to 289 cfs over the weekend. Salmon fishing is good to good in the estuary, with catching fish up to 30 pounds, said guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. Trolling in the estuary will continue to improve until October.

RIO COOS, Coos Bay, Mineral.: Salmon fishing was good last week, with guides who got one to two adult kings per rod. The high season runs until the beginning of October.

RIO DE COQUILLE, Bandon, Ore.: Salmon fishing has been slow, and wild coho accounts for most of the catch.

ROGUE RIVER, Gold Beach, Ore.: The rain attracted most of the salmon that were in the upstream bay, but new kings and adult cats keep coming. Coho salmon is also appearing.

SMITH RIVER, Smith River: The flows in Jed Smith jumped to 1,700 cfs last week and fell back to 350 cfs before the weekend. A few salmon shot upriver, but the best action remains in the mouth, said guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. Without significant rainfall in the forecast, it is likely that upstream fishing will not take off until October. Spoons work best in the mouth.

Sierra lakes and rivers

MOUTH LAKE: Construction work at the Boca dam is not expected to be completed until October, but the water level has risen slightly. The current level is very good for trout fishing at the entrance. Fishermen who submerge the usual trout offers on the coast have been catching DFW cookie cutters.

CARSON RIVER, East and West Forks: Todd Sodaro of Todd’s Bait and Tackle and the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission said another 1,800 pounds of Desert Springs Trout Farm fish will be planted this week. Fishing has been very good, he said, with common limits for fishermen who use salmon eggs, Panther Martins and Red-body Copper Johns. West Carson will not receive more fish this season, since its flows are now too low.

GLASS BASIN: Kyle Neeser of Crystal Basin Tackle and Guide Service said that now that the camping season is over, the Crystal Basin Lakes have calmed down and only dedicated fishermen remain, taking advantage of improved trout fishing in the fall. A fisherman on the north side of Ice House went out on Sunday with a good trout captured from the shore when WON team member Bill Karr spoke with him. The construction of camps and roads is not happening around Union Valley. Karr caught some pretty creeks and wild rainbows fishing South Fork Silver Fork Creek.

DAVIS LAKE: Firefighting operations are over at Davis Lake. The lake area itself was never threatened by the now almost contained Walker Fire. Trout fishing is encouraging as the water cools and the fish move less deeply. For trollers, the productive depths were between 10 and 15 feet, in baits such as Needlefish and Baby Simons. Land fishing has improved a lot. Fly fishermen are now catching them in a mixture of browns and fiery rainbows offered in 8 to 10 feet of water in the mouths of the coves. A 4,000-pound DFW plant of 1 pound is expected soon.

DONNER LAKE: Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports at Truckee said Donner is constantly producing smaller Mackinaw from the coast. Fishermen have been mixing it with some browns in China Point lures. There was no trolling report available.

FRENCH LAKE: Matthew Goodwin of the Goodwin & # 39; s and Son store said that trout fishing continues to improve. Fisherman Travis Oliver maximized his limit while fishing Rapala F-5 hardbaits in the dam, decent fish from 18 to 20 inches. Turkey Pt. Remains a productive place for trout. The nights are getting almost frozen and the mornings are cold. Local camps are expected to remain open until September 30.

GOLDEN LAKE BASIN: Mark Tieslau of Mountain Hardware and Sports in Blairsden said Sardine, Salmon and Gold Lakes are giving up some trout, but fishing will remain slow until the lakes tip over. That could be soon, the first snowfall is expected for the weekend.

LAKE HEENAN: Todd Sodaro of Todd’s Bait and Tackle and the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission said that Lahontan wild trout fishing is improving with cooler water temperatures. Special rules here, simple hooks without burrs, artificial and only capture and release, and only open on weekends from Friday to Sunday until October.

CREEK INDIAN RESERVE: Todd Sodaro of Todd’s Bait and Tackle and the Alpine County Fish and Game Commission said the Indian Creek reservoir still suffers from a blooming of toxic algae and will not be re-stored this season.

JENKINSON LAKE (AKA Sly Park): Kyle Neeser of Crystal Basin Tackle and Guide Service said fishing is still slow here. In 2 hours of trolling, a friend said he only caught 1 Mackinaw. There are no reports about rainbows or small mouths.

PROSSER LAKE: Miles Zimmerman of Mountain Hardware and Sports at Truckee said that Prosser is catching the trout around the dam well. The Prosser Creek entrance is also losing trout. Smallmouth is activated later in the day as temperatures get hotter. The water level is higher than normal for this time of year, and is helping fishing.

PYRAMID LAKE: The fierce season reopens on Tuesday, October 1, and all signs point to an excellent opening match. There is bait everywhere, small fish up to 4 inches, and large fish that are becoming larger were chewing when the season ended in late June.

LAKE TAHOE: Excellent fishing for Mackinaw on the south coast, with rainbows shaking in shallow waters and as deep as 100 feet. The north coast has also picked up for Mackinaw.

STAMP RESERVATION: Marc Christophel, of the Christophel Guide Service, said that while kokanee's action is still good, the fish are no longer cut predictably. Many silverfish show white meat. Trouts should improve here once the lake turns. Some trout follow the kokanee through the entrance of Little Truckee to feed.

TRUCK RIVER: Miles Zimmerman, of Mountain Hardware and Sports in Truckee, said winter hatches have begun, olives and mosquitoes, and it is primarily a nymph game, although streamers fishing is improving. The best stretch of the river goes from Hirschdale through the canyon to the State Line.

WALKER WEST RIVER: Jenna Casanova of the Walker General Store said that it is the time of the year when fishing slows down due to the lower amount of trout, however, the pools at Pickle Meadows are abandoning the fun action in the trout the size of a pan. The fish are grouped in a few holes, so fishermen are advised to keep looking until they find the fish.

Northern salt water

Berkeley: Salmon fishing stood at approximately one fish per rod and with some great cardinals at the end of the season at 25 pounds in New Easy Rider, New El Dorado III and El Dorado, all fishing along the coast of Marin. California Dawn had a lot of rock fish, halibut and bass, which fished both inside and outside the Golden Gate. Dream Fisher worked the bay for several sharks. Happy Hooker caught the rockfish and the crocodile the islands on Saturday, and then the coast of Marin on Sunday.

BODEGA BAY: The bluefin tuna showed 40 miles from Bodega towards New Sea Angler, which had 131 fish at 36 pounds on board. Willy and Gage Vogler of Lawson’s Landing ran 50 miles and climbed aboard 25 tunas to 20 pounds. Salmon catches were made at Ten Mile Beach, although crowds of boats affected the fish count. Halibut catches and striped bass were taken inside Tomales Bay from Hog Island to the entrance of the Bay.

EMERYVILLE: Salmon counts are kept around one fish per rod and with some more pleasant fish at 24 pounds in C Gull II. Pacific Pearl and Kingfish had impressive counts, such as 29 halibut and 26 bass for 13 passengers. The new Huck Finn and Sea Wolf obtained daily limits of rockfish and lingcod during trips to the Farallón Islands. Some of those rings were huge, like up to 34 pounds.

EUREKA: The bluefin tuna was found both north and south, with the northern bite easily overcoming the southern bite. In the middle of the week, however, the weather became harsh and stopped trips to the high seas. California halibut fishing was excellent within Humboldt Bay and Reel Steel set easy limits. The pier fishermen had a lot of fun with green algae, rockfish, big head and some lingcod.

FORT BRAGG: At the beginning of the week there was a very high whitefin tuna count before the weather and the state of the sea closed the option of running offshore. Salmon was an option for private boats, with approximately 1 in 5 fish large enough to be desirable. Rockfish and lingcod were reliable and parties like Sea Hawk concentrated on them to fill customers' fish bags. Land fishing in shirt sleeve weather was enjoyed by many. Work was completed at Noyo Jetty, which makes it more enjoyable for people with mobility problems.

BAY OF THE HALF MOON: Salmon were caught in increasing quantities at the entrance of Pillar Point Harbor and head scanning showed that 100 percent of the fish scanned came from the net pens of the Coastside Fishing Club, which shows that the project is producing Excellent results, like 30 pound fish. With most of the other salmon in the north, the action of partyboat salmon was somewhat slow. Huli Cat and Queen of Hearts went after the rockfish to the south and returned with limits.

SAN FRANCISCO: Wacky Jacky and Lovely Martha hit the salmon well along the coast of Marin, with fish until the mid-twenties. Halibut and salmon inside the Bay were abundant and hungry, which made trips aboard Argo and Lovely Martha very productive with impressive amounts of fish.


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