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Rookery Waters, Pidley, Magpie pin 3

Ask a pole line fishing Topkit + 3. Stiff wind from left to right , so I expect a drag in the opposite direction. Due to the establishment of a float 1g conditions swimming was six feet deep. Also rigged for (deep) margins. At the more they are almost the full depth thus made use of 0.5 g of a float in lieu of 0.2 g margin my normal one. To the right of the Topkit margin was six inches shallower than 1 and Topkit left. So set two rigs margin. Also set up a pellet feeder to start, while the pole swims settled. Plan was to fish pellet, 4 and 6 mil expander on the hook and 2 and 4 mils for feed, I had some corn but strangely this year, I have little to these prisoners. I want to take some meat, but forgot to do it.

Starting at the feeder to the opposite platform, no interest would not throw you in and switched to the third line. Feeding a mixture of micro & # 39; s and four mils. In spite of the rigid breeze there was no tow at all. This line does not produce so it was on the margins. The right one margin showed signs of life and I soon had a small carp in the net. Strangely this margin showed signs all day but very little actual bites and only the occasional fish. The first fish from the left margin was 5 1 / 2lb so this looked promising if I could keep coming.

What all were very slow with only the odd fish. Meanwhile, many splashes of my left indicated Stewart on pin 1 did well. brought to rotate a few hours around the lines, feeder, 3 and margins and picking up strange fish. Establish a depth rig on the third line and took a fish almost immediately afterwards nothing. So now it was time to decide how to fish the last 90 minutes. Given the weight Stewart seemed to gather I knew I was fishing on a frame, not the victory.

threw the feeder while I picked out a broken rig and it went through. For about 30 minutes I had a fish a chuck with fairly quick bite. Nothing great, but building a weight. With 45 minutes to go I decided to have a last look at the margins and concentrated on the short one to the left. I feed Micros connected in a pot to throw 4 mil. This line came to life and I stayed on it for the rest of the game. The sun was pouring from the feeder directly in my face hard.

ended the game on 81lb for fourth place. Stewart had 95 for the second. top was 105 and the third 91.

The day was strange though. I lost more fish than I have for many months. I had two break me on the feeder (0.17 below line) and they did not feel very big fish. I had to make two hooks (B611) straight, something that has not happened for years, even when landing double figure fish and two run under a keep net was breaking the bottom line. Who lost fish cost me second guess.

Waterloo Farm (Market Harborough)

Do not pin numbers here, drew the last island peg farthest from the parking lot to the lodges bank.

The fish was obviously shoaled up or were playing hard to get apart from one swim. I had only Waterloo fished once before a few years ago and have discovered that a pellet feeder were better than groundbait (second run that day). Starting method would pellet feeder to the willow at the end of the island. I also set up a picket line at 3 and marginal seeking barbel. With that in mind I fed meat on the margin line and micro pellets sparingly in two places at the front.

After an hour I shown no interest on each line had any bait. Some of the fish was caught, especially by Pete to my right. He had the pin end and threw into the open water away from the island. tip erratic and fell back just after the hour with polony on the pellet feeder hook. I lifted in what would be a carp of about five pounds. But nothing else was interested. I decided to start a new line to 9 meters. I thought the fish might just have pushed away from the bank. Fed sparingly again with micro & # 39; s and nearly two hours into the game I landed a five and a half pounds of fish on a 4 mil expender. And that was it for the day.

Late on I had a few bites on both corn skin and pellet on the 9 meter line, but not connected to any of them, despite dotting the float straight down and shortening the line up to four inches. This may be because I decided my main pole at home and fish leave with a new margin 9.5m pole just to see how it went. Handled the fish with ease, but may have been a little slow when striking the cause of missed bites.

Pete to my right but had an excellent day. Sticking to the method feeder with I think he meat on the hook kept a steady, if not frequent stream of decent fish. He took 56lb to win by a margin of 26 more than the second.

I weight just over 10 with my two near the end. Good fishermen struggled this day. I think we just hit a bad day as I was told by regulars who 100 pound nets to be held in the summer.

Rookery Waters, Pidley, Magpie pin 1

In some frost in the previous week and the day dawn of a bright blue sky and no wind I suspect that we would be in for a bad day. I was right.

The sensation of the day was not helped when we bailiff and mate fish discovered. Should be no problem was, we had booked 15 of about 30 pegs. But this lake has an island with pins that match the number wise, pegs 1-23 on the outer bank. You can choose your fish contest to or from the island. The bailiff had himself and friend on pins that were put in front of some of those we would like to use. With the rest of the lake to choose from, plus two others on the site, I can not fathom what you want him to fish in front of us booked pegs.

to set up a pellet feeder in the direction of the bridge and also to fish at the same distance in the corner. Pole at 10m gave me three spots same depth and, although I thought it would not work, I also set up a margin rig. Margin on this lake is about four feet and a stirring sludge off the stage told me that there was at least one fish there I was tackling up.

Fed's post lines sparingly with micro & # 39; s and began at the feeder. After the tip was not moved twenty minutes. I usually get to the feeder partially solve the pole lines and partly to assess whether the fish are active. Even just liners give me confidence.

The pole lines and they seemed dead. Get down the bank was that no one was remarkable, perhaps one or two strange fish. Back at the feeder changing ace of dead red meat, grain and ultimately hard pellet. Still nothing. A few of the contractions but nothing that gave me confidence.

topped the pole lines and margins (micro & # 39; s and some meat) and finally had a bite that gave me a 1-pound carp. Then all is quiet on the front Pidley. Tried the margins, but had no indications.

After about two hours I was still a pound. Time for a re-think. I had the fish death depth on the pole line. For a change I have a long rig to ten inches or so fish over depth. This brought two fish within a few minutes. I had about five pounds now, whoopie! But still the thing was that no one was remarkably well so all was not lost.

spent the next two hours playing around among the dead on depth and depth rigs, changing dietary patterns and baits. Managed another two fish, a foulhooked maize skin.

to go with an hour I decided to turn off the input and pack away the poles. But something tells to have a look along the margins, but instead of feeding Micros I added some of the pile and began to feed six diced meat (6 mil) with a cube on the hook. I thought my eyes had gone when I thought moving the float. Two minutes later and I was playing a F1 of about 2lb.

last hour I spent feeding in the margin meat sparingly and picking up another four fish, the latter was a chub of a pound.

I was weighing for the first time - 17-01. We had been told pegs five and six had done well, and as it turned out. With two good fishermen I was pushed into third place. Remained to weigh to the last man. He had 21-02, damn it! Yet fourth was not bad considering I had nowhere to go with an hour. Took a small price to compensate so could not be unhappy part of the cost of the day, given the way the match had begun. Just goes to show you can not predict and you should not give up.

I heard that a new manager starts here in the new year and he has ideas to improve the facilities.

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