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…small or just size. Access to Saline River in Benton (updated 12-12-2019) Lisa Spencer at Lisa's bait shop (501-778-6944) said bass fishing is good in the river at this time….

…A complete list of new freshwater fishing gear for 2020. We will continue to provide regular updates to the gallery, so be sure to keep up with the…

…or templates as baits, she says. Meanwhile, crankbaits are the way to go for black bass. The snack for the bass is good. Fishing with fish is good with worms….

…Kern County, Bob Batesfield's Pete Cormier said: "Fishing with striped bass is decent with small jumbo, anchovies, sardines, blood worms or jerkbaits like Lucky Craft. 128s along with tube baits….

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