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…my approach on what I I think I do well and that is short & margins. Rigs set up for +1 and several margin spots, each to be fed differently….

…and concluded that they indeed run deeper, but on average the increase is closer to 20%. SEGMENTED LEAD CORE SET UPS             Most anglers who fish lead core line favor…

…all fishing lovers. Drop Dead Drop Shot Set Ups By Mark Romanack          The drop shot rig may be the best thing to happen to bass fishing since the spinnerbait….

…and reel to implement while downrigging. A superb option is some sort of 6- to 7-foot bait-casting fly fishing line and reel set with 8- to 10-pound examination fishing line….

…This is the rigging method I use most often when fishing lead core or copper line set ups that feature a pre-determined amount of sinking line and a monofilament backing….

…this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers. How to Make a Worm Set using a hook worms are often the bait of the provision for teaching beginners simple…

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