REVIEW: Doug Hannon Wave Spin reel DH3000

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REVIEW: Doug Hannon Wave Spin reel DH3000 . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “REVIEW: Doug Hannon Wave Spin reel DH3000 “. Hopefully this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

REVIEW: Doug Hannon Wave Spin reel DH3000

This review began with the purchase of the spinning reel on 07/03/11. I bought a spinning reel for throwing weightless worms and drop shotting for bass. After the fish with the reel for nearly a month, something terrible happened. I was in my kayak, fishing at my local lake when I heard a “Kerplunk”. When I turned to see what had made the noise, I saw sinking my new rod and reel combo in 16 ‘of dark, dark, blunt full of water. I thought it was gone forever.

Well, after reading a kayak forum where people were dragging their anchor and to wash their lost rod I thought I would take a shot up. So on 9/26/11 I went back to the place where I lost the reel. The water was now a bit lower due to the summer heat, but I located the spot by finding the marked limb I had left when the reel took the fatal plunge. I threw my anchor and as I dragged it back into feeling some resistance on the line. When I I noticed the kayak that my rig. I could not believe what had just happened. I hoped to attract the lost combo, but never in a million years I really think it would happen. And to start on the first pitch of the anchor.

Well I rubbed some of the caked mud and algae and for kicks I gave it a few throws. I was impressed. When I reeled it in you could hear the sand in it so I knew it had poor cleaning. Before I more day left, I made a short video of what had just happened.

I was so impressed with the reel and what she had been through I just send an email with the short video Spin Reels Wave. I did not really expect an answer, but just wanted to show what their role was capable of.

Several hours after I sent the email I received a return email from Russ Riley, VP of Wave Spin Reels. He told me to send the reel to be rebuilt him. I must be honest, I thought he was pulling my leg. I was the one who reel in the lake dropped and he was offering a free cleaning? LOL …. A few hours later I received an email from Doug Hannon himself. It seems that Mr. Hannon has a good sense of humor. I got a kick out of reading his response to my accidental drowning of one of his roles. He seems like a very nice guy who stands behind the product with outstanding customer service.

I sent the reel to Russ on Monday and on Friday I got a PKG in the mail. I opened the box to find a bright and shiny reel. Now he said he wanted to rebuild it, but I’m not sure what this mill was originally built as it looks suspiciously like a new role for me.  :)

At a time when money is so tight it’s a great product that has proven its legal structure and ranges to have bought the extra mile! For a company that will stand behind their product and offer this type of customer service really makes a good impression on me, the consumers have


The drum used was a “Wave spin-DH3000”

  • This reel is very smooth, and responsive when reeling in.
  • As far as casting this mill, it will be a small crank bait or weightless worm
  • released with very little effort.

  • On their website Wave twist boast that it tangle free. Also, I noticed the annoying tangles I have experienced in the past with other spinning reels are finally gone.
  • The biggest bass I’ve now caught on to this mill in the 4LB range and drag a great job through the transition.

The bottom line is that this is a big part, I find myself pouring more on every trip to the lake. If you are looking for a spinning reel for bass fishing give try DH3000. I think you will be so happy with the reel and the company as I have been.

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