San Antonio Fishermen gather for bass tournaments

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 San Antonio Fishermen gather for bass tournaments . Hi  all fishing lovers, Today's post is "
 San Antonio Fishermen gather for bass tournaments ". Hopefully this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

 San Antonio Fishermen gather for bass tournaments 

 San Antonio Kasa-at-fayette-lake "title =" San Antonio Kasa-at-fayette- lake "/> <figcaption class= Photo by Michael Rodriguez

San Antonio is not known for bass sanctuaries as his sister Texas cities, but that does not stop a group of fishermen. The Kayak fishermen of San Antonio was edited by Eric J. Stevens earlier support this year to the growing sport of kayak fishing in the Alamo city.

the group has since held several bass tournaments across South Texas held on several popular lakes. Many of the members also fish other kayak trails, but the only reason for starting your own tournament schedule was to its members a chance to compete to provide a fun environment.

for those who have fished in larger kayak trails, KASA has a more relaxed feel of other tournament circuits. I recently started kayak fishing over a year ago that my interest in targeting bass more than ever encouraged.

 San Antonio Kasa-at-decker-lake "width =" 650 "height =" 488 "/> </a> <figcaption class= Kayak Fishermen's San Antonio Decker Lake. Photo by Chris Filoteo

My first kayak tournament was KASA March as we participate in Bastrop Lake nearly 20 competitors.
Sindsdien have us assortment of lakes Fayette Lake to Coleto Creek in near expanded from Victoria. the group has sprinkled in a few tournaments on the Guadalupe river, which is always nice for those who before have fished on the river.

As 2016 winds down and we look forward to 2017 KASA has grown exponentially from its inception. the 2017 schedule will include a handful of new locations with a few lakes of schedule last year.

several sponsors added safeguards in prizes for the winners, along with the possibility of some door prizes. The new year will bring much excitement to look forward to new members their first fishing kayak bass tournament for the first time.
And that's what K.A.S.A. it's all about. Giving the average angler a chance to compete in a tournament setting.

Bass fishing is more exciting around the Alamo City as K.A.S.A. Been continues to grow.

If you are in the Greater San Antonio, look at the K.A.S.A. Facebook page For more information and the 2017 tournament schedule.

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