September 19 Recreation Report

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Highlights of the recreation report of the week

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Fishing in the basin

Weekend fishing opportunities:

  • Trout fishing was excellent last weekend at Blue Lake in the Gearhart desert.

  • The Balm Creek reservoir has a good amount of water this year, as well as a good amount of trout in the range of 8 to 15 inches.

  • Yellow perch fishing can be excellent in the Lower Williamson River, the Pelican Bay of Upper Klamath Lake and Crystal Creek, if you can find them!

  • Brook trout fishing is excellent at this time of year in Upper Sycan, Upper NF and SF Sprague, Upper Williamson, Long Creek and some high altitude lakes.

  • Recent rains are great news for fish and colder temperatures this weekend should create better fishing and, more importantly, capture.

BLUE LAKE (Gearhart Desert):
rainbow trout farm

Last weekend's fishing was great. Fishermen were using lures and flies behind a bubble to catch fish in the range of 8 to 14 inches. The road has been clear and walking a few miles to the desert is a great way to heat the old ticker.

The best option to catch a ton of trout is with a floating tube or other flotation device. Fly fishermen can troll woolly insects, princely nymphs and throw dry flies like damsels. Bait and lure fishermen can also catch many fish. These fish are really looking for natural fodder, which means that fly fishing can be fantastic! This is one of the best lakes for fishing in Lake County at this time of year.

Bring mosquito repellent! And please camp at least 100 feet from the water's edge.

red band trout, largemouth bass, type of fish

Fish-type fishing is slow. The best fishing is from a small boat. You cannot launch larger boats in the reservoir as there is no boat ramp. The best fishing is near the dam and near the hanging willows. The southeast part of the reservoir is located on the BLM property. The reservoir is also powered by water from Deming Creek.

Access is available from FS 34 (Dairy Creek Road) and 335 roads near Bly. Much of the reservoir is privately owned, so respect this area.

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Great game of Klamath County

General deer and elk bow:
The stations open on August 24 and last until September 22. The climatic conditions have been warm and dry. Hunters can increase opportunities near water sources or dry stream beds. Look for new signs on the roads and trails that go between the beds and the feeding areas. Areas with past forest fires, such as the Oregon Gulch fire in the Keno Unit and the Berry Point fire in the Interstate Unit, can provide a discharge of attractive vegetation for deer and elk.

Autumn black bear:
The season began on August 1. Hunters have until September 27 to buy an autumn bear label. The best prospects for bears are in the waterfalls or in the interstate unit. Look for food sources, feces or a good source of water to increase the chances of success. Remember register harvested bears in an ODFW office. Be sure to call ahead to schedule an appointment.

The hunt is open. The populations are healthy and are distributed throughout the district in any area with a large base of hunting prey. Do not forget that successful hunters must register with pumas within 10 days after harvest; please bring the puma defrosted and with your mouth open so that the field staff can quickly process the animal and put it on its way. The reproductive tract is required for any female taken.

Hunting opportunities are available throughout the district. Keep in mind that wildcats and pumas can respond to calls from predators, and there are separate licenses and open season limitations for these species. See the annual big game hunting regulations for more information.

Ground Squirrel:
Hunting is good on the most pleasant days. The best prospects are in grasslands and hay fields. Be sure to ask permission before entering private land.

Test your identification skills with the new ODFW Gray Wolf and Coyote Identification Test.

Hunters: September 27 is the last day to buy bear and puma labels
Even if your main objective is a deer or an elk, carrying a bear and / or cougar tag allows you to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. As you do, look at our 10 ways to be a better cougar hunter.

9 tips for tagging fish and game
1) Log in to the MyODFW application before losing cellular reception. The MyODFW application works without cellular reception, but you must be logged in to have your profile appear and be able to use the application outside the cellular range.

Note that the original version of the application released in December 2018 automatically disconnected users after six months. Therefore, if you have not used the application for a while, you may need to log in again, even if you never logged out.

Forgot your member name or password? Follow the system prompts on the ODFW licensing system page to retrieve them, or contact ODFW by phone or email for help.

2) Update and synchronize your application before leaving the cell range. Go to the Google Play store on Android devices or the app store on Apple devices. Update your MyODFW application or press "Open" to make sure you have the latest version.

Once you are logged in, click on the three lines in the upper right corner and press "Synchronize Account" to make sure the application is fully synchronized and has your most recent information.

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Bird game

Mountain quail:
The season opens on October 5 for Klamath County, although the season opened on September 1 in western Oregon.

Mourning dove:
The season begins on September 1 and continues until October 30. The best prospects are close to agricultural areas and water. Be sure to identify them before hunting these birds that are smaller and darker than the Eurasian collar pigeon.

Grouse of the forest:
The season begins on September 1 and continues until January 31. The best prospects are in the Cascade Mountains for the Blue and Rufous Grouse, although there is a good number of Blue Grouse in forest habitat in the east of Klamath County. Hunters are asked to provide a wing and tail of each harvested grouse and leave them at the Klamath district office on Miller Island Road.

Eurasian collar pigeons:
There are many opportunities to hunt these non-native game birds. The season is open all year without luggage limit restrictions. A hunting license is required.

Klamath wildlife area:
The dove season is open and continues until October 30. Juvenile waterfowl hunting: from September 21-22, the Miller Island Unit is open only to young waterbird hunters.

Wildlife watching

Autumn bird migrations are an excellent wildlife observation
The autumn migration of ducks, geese and other birds is underway throughout the state. Both serious bird watchers and casual spectators expect this annual passage. Do not miss it. Locate your binoculars and read the zone reports to find an excellent observation spot near you.

Migratory coastal birds that include white-faced ibis, large egrets, sand cranes and black-necked stilts have reached the Klamath basin.

National wildlife refuges on Lake Tule and Lower Klamath offer excellent observation opportunities. There is an automatic route available on the Lower Klamath NWR, just south of Stateline Road.

The bald eagle nesting is underway. Bald eagles generally nest near the top of very large conifers. The nests are usually near the bodies of water. You can see ospreys flying and looking for fish along rivers and large bodies of water.

The Link River trail beneath Upper Klamath Lake is an excellent place to see many wildlife species, including deer, river otters, musk rats, minks, buffleheads, goldeneye, great blue herons and egrets.

Deer fawns are still with and is common throughout the basin.

Information provided by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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