Silent Traction System – STS

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Silent Traction System – STS . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Silent Traction System – STS “. We hope this short article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Silent Traction System – STS

The silent traction system does exactly what the name says. It offers a good damper and additional traction where you want it in your kayak. The adhesive system is easy to install a DIYer on most boats (more on that shortly).

I did it (2) Jackson Coosas, (1) Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 (1) Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 (2) Hobie Pro Anglers, and (1) Hobie Revolution 13. It’s been on the Hobie Pro anglers, and both Wilderness Systems for approximately 1 year 3 months it has held up well, no problems what so ever. I first won the product over to Kayak Bass Fishing Christmas in July Drawing.

is now equipped on the Jackson Coosas with it for 8 or 9 months. Immediately I noticed that it is difficult to apply it just was not sticking properly. We tried to apply the STS, while in the party room in the basement with temps of 50-55 degrees, I phoned Chris Stewart told him I just got a bad batch and told him what and where I tried to applying. So of course we brought the kayaks to the 72 degree room. We leave the kayaks sit there for a day to fully achieve the proper temps, and cut our tooling, so we patterns would have to go through. We got all cut out and began applying the STS, and it was sticking ok but not good. I called Chris back and he was very helpful not to know what was wrong. I thought that the problems with the material, so I went down and put a piece on another kayak and it could very well. We went a head and applied all the STS Coosas, and it worked just about the best we could. Now, eight or nine months have passed and we later found out that the Jackson Factory brings a kind of wax on their boats at the factory, and this makes difficult to keep on the STS. The STS is still on our kayaks, but some of it is gone, and are some of the corners of the door. Since then I have discovered if you Coosa wash a few times, and the rough area where you want to apply the STS with some 100-240 grit sandpaper STS will stick much better. I’m going to re-apply when I scrounge $ 300 or so to buy some more.
 Finished product is reheated after getting the Coosa.
 Jackson Coosa Fully equipped with STS.

Generally, it is a great product, and works on almost anything not only kayaks. It keeps very well and sticks to virtually any surface. Shoot I use it in my locker at work, so it does not make much noise when closing the door. Sticks to virtually any surface kayak right next to Jackson, because it was, but if you remove the film with very fine sandpaper and wash, it will hold just as good as the other brands.

It’s been brought to my attention that Aboriginal use wax on their boats too.

STS is the best I’ve seen people use tray liners, and other materials, but nothing like as STS. I even use it on my Yakima bars, and tailgate extender.
 If you can make a design can draw and follow the lines with scissors.

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