Simple methods to use Stink Bait

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Simple methods to use Stink Bait . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Simple methods to use Stink Bait “. We hope this post is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Simple methods to use Stink Bait

Stink bait is not a strong-smelling stick or dip bait for catfish. It is always used for smaller channel catfish, white catfish and bullheads. Stink bait is equipped with a powerful odor that attracts catfish by long distances, but it will also clear from fishermen immediately. Stink baits do not stay on the hook itself. You have to help keep a sponge on the hook, if you can get special lure for foul-rigged hook varieties.



    instead Rig your fishing series. Stink baits can be fished either sinker on the bottom with a fantastic lead, and under a bobber.


    Binding to dip bait tube or even a bare hook in the end of a line. If you have a clear hook, cut some sponge somewhere around an inch cubes, and hook under the cubes through the intestines.


    Drop the cylinder dip bait or hook together with the sponge on it during the stink bait containers and pressure in the mixture with a strong stick. Lift the loop and tube sponge or even with the leader and threw it right plausible place.


    Wait for your catfish to grab the bait, then set the hook punch.

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