Simple ways to rig a telescopic Crappie Pole

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Simple ways to rig a telescopic Crappie Pole . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Simple ways to rig a telescopic Crappie Pole “. Hopefully this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Simple ways to rig a telescopic Crappie Pole

 How for you to Rig a telescopic Crappie Pole

crappie fit the panfish category of fish and just find a great part of the Lower 48 state governments. White and black crappie tendency in much of the southeastern lakes, all expressed in your midwest and northeast. using a telescopic pole – a fly rod with multiple rod blanks expand outward – is indistinguishable from the fish with a kind of rod rigging for crappie is dependent on the lake, the river and the year, however, the .. basic set-up is pretty standard.



    Use 4, so you can explore six pounds for crappie fishing line. The types averages around you pound, with records Black crappie priced at £ 6 from the Canal Westwego, Louisiana on november 28, 1989 and Bright crappie 5 weight 3 ounces of your Enid Reservoir, Mississippi on July 31, 1957 for the reason that reported in crappie pieces of information.


    Select a fabulous tackle curly tail grub from the crappie along with insert a 1/8 – 1/64 ounce jighead and so the curly tail grub lure gets the hook from the mold face under the temptation head . Ask a bobber on the game with the bobber video or bind to seek out a Dropper Loop associated with the fishing line (see resources).


    Slide the bobber to ensure the rigged curly tail grub is no doubt about 6 to 8 inches before the lake or maybe riverbed.


    Experiment with jig and curly-tail grub colors on crappie season. Use gold or silver bullion jigs during show and late summer or purple, blue or possibly greens during the last spring and summer months.

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