Steps to create Cod Jigs

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Steps to create Cod Jigs . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Steps to create Cod Jigs “. i hope that this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Steps to create Cod Jigs

 How Cod Jigs

While building what weekend angler able to get a skimmer clam wire hook will often severe cod fishermen choose their lures jigs according to the principle of jigging is simple: .. delivers a better fish like mackerel hunt to imitate an inferior bait fish your jig mackerel while your teaser is an ace. cod have difficulty resisting this set-up, and even jigging often makes more cod compared with just ace. Create your own personal cod jig and you’ll understand soon why many anglers swear by. they just undoubtedly many fish in the sea



    Did you see reinforcement in the direction of the desired length, 12 inches successful .. If you like smaller cod make lures, be warned that you need at least a pound. 5 weight so they can drop the 250 ft. The deeper you might want to sink it, the bigger the jig is required to weigh.


    Shrink each end of the reinforcement with some vice.


    Drill a good 1/4 inch wick in each crimped end into your reinforcement.


    Attach a good split ring that will each hole.


    Attach an excessive dredge on a single split ring. Tie your bait toward the other – fish belly strip and halibut skin work nicely. Trick it out by having a feathered teaser, hoochie skirt and shrimp smell as you love.


    Paint the special pipe with metal salt paint. Some fishermen also want to add hologram stickers to represent Striper eyes. Allow to dry overnight. Connect your line.

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