Sturgeon Fishing in Alberta

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Sturgeon Fishing in Alberta . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Sturgeon Fishing in Alberta “. Hopefully this article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Sturgeon Fishing in Alberta

 Offshore sturgeon fishing in Alberta

Lake sturgeon (lake sturgeon) is definitely the northern hemisphere’s largest freshwater fish. generally known as Albertas living dinosaur, water bodies sturgeon numbers about 5, 000 within the province. Distribution occurs only in North Saskatchewan and then the South Saskatchewan Riv systems. get fishing on the lake sturgeon on Alberta is strictly catch and off.

Physical description

    Lake sturgeon live in a freshwater river sea food, to be contrary to its name. This species ranges from your inches to help more than 15 feet in length. most sturgeon with respect to the age of 8 h to 12 years to reach a period of 79 inches in addition to the ways of 11 to 19 pounds. Develop fully fish between 20 to help you 25 years summarize 51 inch with weigh 22 to 31 pounds. Ocean sturgeon mature much more slowly than extra Alberta fish. Albertas biggest sturgeon I weighed 105 pounds and measured 61 in.

    Albertas sturgeon river, not to be confused with the Indian Columbias larger along with white sturgeon, has a skeleton of cartilage in addition to a shark-like tail. This rough skin sturgeon sports five rows in connection with diamond scales and scales along its length from taking a look at the tail. These bottom fish have no teeth. Sturgeons have a pointed snout and not forgetting tissue filaments known as dumbbells for foraging.


    Diet for those lake sturgeon consists of insect larvae, mussels, shrub material, fishing along with the calf. These bottom fish stay in deeper not to mention slower water.

    Lake sturgeon really be classified as shakers, owners and peelers. Shakers is the smallest group, do not measure as much as 42 inches long. They shake the rod tightly. Owners measured between the 42 in addition to the 60 inch. Keepers pull the line from the reel short plus shake the stick slowly. Schiller will give you the greatest challenge and they peel off the line from the reel. Anglers also cut the series or usually chase the fish. This poor man’s marlin can fight for an hour or more. Be sure not to pull the fish away from water.


    Fish with regard to more sturgeon Alberta requires serious suits and core setup. Consider three pound lead weight load and 10/0 towing hooks. Bait should involve whole shad.

Licence with Guide

     Government of Alberta website offers online Alberta image of the flag of license
    Government of Alberta website provides online license

    Fishermen get a Wildlife Identification Range (WIN) and some sort of Alberta Sportfishing Driver’s license online. Order the special” Alberta guide direction Sportfishing Regulations “or alternatively download the PDF version of the file.


    Typical state of Alberta Old Species Report email lists lake sturgeon as on the line. Albertas Wildlife Behave classifies this race as endangered. Lk sturgeon enjoy good protection under Alberta fishing Codes.

    Prior to 1940, overfishing lake sturgeon for you to reduced amounts of hazardous qualities to suffer, according to the costa. rica Government of Alberta, Alberta Conservation during a regular population of 5, 000 to maintain the North Saskatchewan Water system of less than 1, 000 baars ;. the South Saskatchewan Water system is less than 5, 000 perch.

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