The best way to a Humminbird transducer with a boat

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The best way to a Humminbird transducer with a boat . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The best way to a Humminbird transducer with a boat “. We hope this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

The best way to a Humminbird transducer with a boat

A Humminbird transducer is an important part of a fishfinder piece of the transmitter equipment electricity sales within the sound waves fishfinder’s. The transducer converts the output signal simultaneously readable display control the device starts. The installation of a transducer can be described as a process that requires long-term planning. Several mounting options are for sale to the transducer, aided by the transom mount being the most commonly used option.



    Select an area on the mirror to the transducer. Buy a fitting place relatively free of turbulence and an area where the transducer will point downwards when mounting. Avoid areas along the lines of the vicinity of the propeller, poop associated with ribs and strakes. In the outboard motor boats, stay in the least, 15-inch apart from the propeller.


    Remove the mounting template and keeps the boat on it around the mirror where you install prefer the transducer.


    this template vertical line, so cheaper edge of the mirror meets when using bottom corner of the template. Use the pen and mark the two holes in the template


    Drill both holes to a depth of 1 inch.


    Fix the spindle in the direction of transducer using all nine millimeter pivot twist, two flat machines, led pin and two toothed attachment rings. Install the washers between the transducer and the actual pivot ears, and set your flat washers outside the spindle ears.


    Turn each pivot screw while using Ailen wrenches but not completely fixed, because you need to change it after. Place the transducer assembly into the mounting bracket without breaking the closed installation.


    Apply sealant to predrilled holes expanding mirror and format the transducer assembly using the drilled holes. Using a flat screwdriver, not to mention install the hex screws mind encounter. Be careful to never fixed, so the transducer may be adjusted vertically. Click the pivot into position.


    Adjust the placement of the transducer. Tilt the spindle angle, so the length of your transducer is parallel view of the boat hull period. Make sure the back of your transducer is 1/4 inch below the front. Developing Allen wrenches and also fully turn the two main pivot screws.


    Suppose installation height so that the face of the transducer is 16/03-inch below bottom of the mirror. Unscrew the two screws, then simply snap the pivot decline. The transducer has now been confirmed, and the installation can be finished by naturally-plotting of the cables in the direction of head control.

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