The best way to Catch a Sauger

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The best way to Catch a Sauger. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The best way to Catch a Sauger”. Hopefully this short article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

The best way to Catch a Sauger

How to make sure you Catch a Sauger

Saugers are closely relating to walleye, a popular game fish in the us. The fish bear an in depth resemblance to each other, which can enable it to be difficult to inform them apart. They also taste much the same and have flaky the white kind of meat. Many of the actual techniques that anglers use to catch walleyes doubles to catch saugers.



    Rig some sort of rod or 2. Rig one rod by having a 1/4- to 1/2-oz. direct head jig along with minnow. If you now have the second rod, tie a live-bait rig in it. To do hence, cut a 3-foot portion of line for some sort of leader. Slide a goosing sinker onto the final of the major line, and then link a barrel swivel about it. Tie the leader onto the opposite end of typically the swivel, and then put a hook into the free end on the leader. Hook some sort of minnow onto any hook.


    Find an area to fish. Within summer, saugers in ponds use areas like the ones walleyes implement: drop-offs and the actual edges of main-lake humps not to mention reefs. Rivers are classified as the best options while in the fall. Once your temperature falls towards the 50-degree range, saugers migrate towards tailwater areas downstream via dams.


    Fish deeper every day and shallower in dark or low-light situations. Like walleyes, saugers’ eyes are sensitive with the sun, so they may be most active according to low-light conditions.


    Vertical-jig for saugers when you are fishing from a good boat. Use a jig heavy enough not wearing running shoes stays beneath your boat, and fish close to the bottom. Bring the jig upward a foot approximately and then allow it to drop back in the bottom. Most fish hit if the jig is shedding. If you are fishing from a river from all the shore, cast the jig using the minnow out and also retrieve it outside of the bottom. Be careful to never let it take a seat on the bottom, or you could lose the jig into a snag.


    Troll a fabulous live-bait rig approximately drop-offs and structural 4 corners in lakes. Once you catch a sauger, mark the location. The fish travel around around in massive schools, so should you locate one muskie, there is very likely a school in the community. You can both continue trolling along with the live-bait rig or maybe drop a jig in addition to jig vertically.

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