The Best Way to Catch Crab By having a rod and reel

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The Best Way to Catch Crab By having a rod and reel . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The Best Way to Catch Crab By having a rod and reel “. Hopefully this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

The Best Way to Catch Crab By having a rod and reel

 How toward Catch Crab Using a rod and reel

Although the consumption of crab drop nets and traps tend to be methods of finding blue crabs, you also need to scratch harvesting with the aid of a fishing rod and fishing reel. instead of or buying crab nets and traps, feel free to use fishing tackle that you may already have. using a rod and reel you feel more connected to the activity because you the rod must hold and wait for the strike. In comparison, just leave many crabbers drop nets and take a look at them periodically intended caught blue crabs.



    use your built light action spinning rod with 6- to 8-pound test line, so you are able to detect crab hits. Set the running sinker rig with a small shrimp lift, size 6 and / or smaller.

    To develop a running sinker rig, cut about 24 in. of the line and stuff it aside for use for a leader. Slide a sinker on the leading line, then bind with the aid of a swivel so that the sinker is discontinued. This makes the special sinker can walk to your main vertical swivel. Binding other end of the rotatable on the 24-inch line alpha dog. Attach the humble shrimp hook at the end of the first choice.


    Mount bait on the hook. Effective bait for crab only under fecal material shrimp, squid and even mackerel strips. Other baits that fits nicely be sliced ​​chicken, salmon parts and even raw duck neck and throat.


    Throw your rods in the bank or from a boat. Hot areas for crabs include jetties, piers, docks, left, estuaries, rock not to mention creeks. Search the waters for a maximum depth of 20 feet; that more problematic crab blows to detect with a light sport tackle the deeper you actually fish.


    Lift carefully and steadily in the bar if you feel hurt a crab. Reel it in and drop the crab in its own catch container.

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