The best way to Fish species Finder Transducer The Mount Trolling Motor

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The best way to Fish species Finder Transducer The Mount
Trolling Motor
. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The best way to Fish species Finder Transducer The Mount
Trolling Motor “. We hope this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

The best way to Fish species Finder Transducer The Mount
Trolling Motor

 How to make a Perch Finder transducer on the trolling motor

a type of fish finder uses sonar to read simple things on the seabed and allows fishermen literally go where the fish are each fishfinder appears three components: a fabulous transducer incorporated below the waterline or particularly trolling. continuous motor, a control, the screen with the vessel in which the sonar warns the transducer leads to usable images and data, in addition, the cable means connecting associated the transducer in the direction of the control panel. You will discover special accessories that a transom will be mounted on your trolling motor, especially the best results, have a transducer designed for your trolling motor.



    Place the transducer along the bottom of the motor housing. Mount direction forward end of the housing opposite the end of the thread. If the converter an important circular shape is non-directional and not even have to be adjusted after installation. When the other number is addressed, and is positioned to be sure the narrowest end faces forward and the wider ends a motor housing in parallel.


    Place a hose clamp over the hole to the top of the transducer. Sure transducer remains positioned correctly to include the motor housing expense of targeted assistance. Wrap the hose clamp on the motor housing. Develop screwdriver firmly until it is always safe.


    Check to ensure the transducer is normally tight and even the proper position when fully tightening the special clamp is very important underwater obstacles and debris will never make it easy to slide your motor home.


    Plug the cable into the transducer, then route it to the motor housing and additionally secure it in the direction of the motor shaft performance nylon straps or cable ties forwarded to your transducer. Try a tie every 3 to help you 5 inches in the shaft. Leave enough slack in the direction of the bottom of the cable to let you move and withdrawal of trolls serp normal.


    Route the surface of the cable to your control panel next secured the bottom of it along with the ties to the motor shaft. Use the knife in order to block the excess length of the tires.


    Stick the best end of the cable across the console. Test machine in the water prior to going out in the actual more. Make sure all of the power connections to the trolling motor and therefore the fishfinder usually, put all the control panel in the direction of “On” position. If the screen shows the special read-out, your component works well with more detail.

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