The best way to rig a Striper Frog Lure

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The best way to rig a Striper Frog Lure . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The best way to rig a Striper Frog Lure “. i hope that this short article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

The best way to rig a Striper Frog Lure

 How to Rig a Striped bass Frog Lure

Bass can naturally shallow water wildlife are. Fishermen often get bass hidden in shallow areas along with good coverage. The best types trivial coverage protects his lily, which provide grouper shade and places of where to ambush food. one of the most efficient ways of the sea eat water lilies with a frog that runs on top of the water. Bass often on the pads and straight out of the water to save the bait recharge.



    Choose a heavy-action rod with reel. reel fly fishing reel with monofilament or perhaps braided line that is at least 20-lb. to try.


    Attach the line directly to the lure, it comes through a rigged must. Tie a Palomar knot (see resources) to add the line to the hook eye for pulling.


    Tie the number 3/0, that is, No. 5/0 hook to your end of the actual fishing line. This is necessary if we are ever artificial frog you happen to contain using no hook.


    Rig a Texas frog type. Push the elevator 1/4 inch lure you in, and then click the hook point to the item from the actual to the temptation. Thread the temptation to connect the shaft of a hook, so that the top is just below a persons vision of them. Turn the close them 180 degrees, so the point faces the lure real. Insert the hook point locks in the bottom of you and push the software up to her just below the surface of the water. Push the head of the lure is the same plane with a persons vision of the catch.

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