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The Fishing…….. Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The Fishing…….”. We hope this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

The Fishing…….

The Fishing

I have fished longer than I can remember. There are pictures of me as a child with a rod, reel, fish and a smile that I can’t remember. Many of you reading this will relate to parts of this writing (it isn’t really an article) with an uncanny familiarity and other parts will make you wonder if I am mentally challenged. I am. I have been challenged mentally to get fishing out of my head and I have failed miserably. Fishing is the ultimate cure for ambition. I am ambitious, so I made fishing my ambition instead of having the two driving forces tear me apart.

If you have read any of my articles, seen any videos, watched any shows you may have thought “that guy is lucky!” to do what he loves. I am. I can tell you without the slightest hesitation that I am luckiest, most blessed person that I know. I have spent 20 years serving in the United States Navy and that comes to an end very, very soon. I have had the privilege and honor of serving with some of the finest Americans to ever call themselves by that name. Many are no longer here. Many will serve on for years to come. I start another chapter in my life soon. I am excited, yet anxious and apprehensive at the same time. It is like leaving home. I have been “Navy” my entire adult life. In fact, I joined when I was still a kid myself at 17. I grew up thinking, eating, sleeping, following and leading the Navy way. I will miss the service, the camaraderie and brotherhood. The fishing was there through it all.

I will however, be entering a full-time position in a brotherhood that has called me a member much longer. The brotherhood of the outdoorsmen. I will always be Navy, it is part of me. I look forward to this new chapter and I embrace the benefits, the challenges, the complexities and joy. My papaw (that’s what we say where I am from) told me once “If you can figger out how’da do what you love fer a liv’n, yule never work another day in your life!” Well Papaw, I don’t know if I exactly got it figgered out, but I am doing it either way.

I do not pre-suppose that anyone reading this should give two squirts about my personal journey, ambitions or plans and it isn’t the purpose for this writing. The real purpose is for me to share an insight that has recently become clear to me. Fishing is therapy. Fishing is excitement. Fishing is relaxation. Fishing is adrenaline. Fishing is solitude. Fishing is exploration. Fishing is…….[Insert yours here]. Fishing is so many different and wonderful things to so many different people, regions, walks of life, styles, species, dialects, countries, demographics, social statuses, upbringings and the list could go on forever. For me, fishing is pursuit. Pursuit of all of those things.

Albert Einstein was once quoted as follows…“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” 

By many, he is regarded as one of the smartest men to ever live. In academia and science he may very well have been. However, I will respectfully disagree and offer up a simple defense. I do the same thing over and over and over and over and over. Yeap, over and over. And, guess what Mr. Einstein, it is always different. Always.

I have been blessed to work with many of the best companies in the paddlesports and fishing industries and new opportunities present themselves daily. For that I am thankful. Reccently, I had one of the most insightful conversations ever. This insight came from my 12 year old son, Austin. I called him up (he lives in Texas with his mother) and the conversation went like this.


“Hey buddy, how have you been?”


“Good, I got it trouble at school again though!”




“Sorry. I will try to do better.”


“So, I am filming an episode of the show down in South Louisiana soon, you want to come?”


“Heck yeah!”


“Are you excited about being on TV?”


“Uh, I guess. But, I really just want to go fishing.”



You see, he reminded me what the most important part happens to be, the fishing. He just wanted to go fishing. Later, he called back and said, “Can we just go fishing, me and you?” I assured him that we would. I cried. Then, for the next three days I was in a daze. It took the words of a 12 year old, the excitement of a son wanting to fish with his dad and that basic purity to remind me why it is we do what we do. The fishing.

I could type for a month and not fully capture the emotion, the awareness, the awakening or the impact that conversation had on me or the impact that fishing has had in my life. I would like to offer this for anyone that made it this far. Don’t forget the fishing. Don’t lose the fishing. Don’t stop sharing the fishing. So, I hope to see you out on the water as I continue my defiant stance against the wisdom of Mr. Einstein. I am doing the same thing tomorrow, next week and until they are chucking dirt on top of me and each and every time, it will be different. The Fishing.

– Chad



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