The proper way to fish with Downriggers & Flashers

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The proper way to fish with Downriggers & Flashers . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The proper way to fish with Downriggers & Flashers “. We hope this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

The proper way to fish with Downriggers & Flashers

 How will fish with Downriggers & Flashers

a downrigger is really a device with deep water fishing day, consisting of long horizontal pole supporting a significant weight of good steel cable, in addition to a release clip hanging a fishing line to the weight. bait or lure used to attract the striped bass than with the release. You will find it useful to reflective lenses that will rotate and flash sunlight because the downrigger is your water to move on to install a persons vision of the Striper. These lenses are called flashers.



    Tie your flashers on the line above the nation release clip. Leave for 2 that will 3 inches of space from the lights to turn them relatively free of the making of contact between each other, and that results in the tangled line.


    Snap all the string of flashers for the downrigger ball along with confirm seduced or bait in the release clip.


    Cast your boat in the opposite direction of the troll or drift. Let out slack in the line until you think the ball hit the particular standard water.


    Drift and / or troll through a person desired fishing community, reeling in the line of an individual to every now and then to check the purpose of tangles.

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