The proper way to patch neoprene waders

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The proper way to patch neoprene waders . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The proper way to patch neoprene waders “. Hopefully this short article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

The proper way to patch neoprene waders

 How to Patch neoprene waders

neoprene waders keep you dry and your thighs and legs and chest protection from cold water. Drinking water will enter a person waders through every last puncture and disparaging offer. Find and replace leaking before moving out for a time of fish you want to save the headache of soaked clothing and the hazards while fishing in the area with hypothermia. Keeping repair materials will help you recover your neoprene waders in case of damage during your working hours of fishing.



    Find the actual puncture or tear through roles in the neoprene waders. Thrust waders right into the water. Follow the passage of air bubbles with the leak. roll the waders using the damaged area aimed at.


    Sand the damaged area slightly to roughen the area.


    Pour acetone on clean cloth. Wipe the roughened area when using acetone and clean cloth to oil and wax from the top of waders.


    Dry the back of the damaged area with a clean cloth.


    Put some tape on the back of a damaged area.


    Connect the actual damaged area. Fill the hole and a 1/4-inch area around adhesive area. Cut a neoprene area personalized with male scissors.


    Apply sealer on the back side of the actual cut patch.


    Press the patch firmly with regard to the damaged area. Wipe off excess glue from around the patch with a kind of clean cloth.


    Let all cure the patch by the time the repair kit supplier.

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