The right way to Ice Fish meant for Kokanee

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The right way to Ice Fish meant for Kokanee. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The right way to Ice Fish meant for Kokanee”. i hope that this article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

The right way to Ice Fish meant for Kokanee

How to Ice Catch Kokanee

Kokanee undoubtedly are a landlocked freshwater salmon connected with the sockeye fish. The kokanee really are smaller than several other species, typically starting from 1 to 3 pounds while using largest being about 6 pounds. Kokanee rather have waters under 50 amounts, keeping the bass in restricted areas within the summer months. Throughout ice fishing winter, kokanee are competent to access larger areas chemistry of water. Depending on concentration of kokanee by the body processes of water, choosing this species could possibly prove difficult. When you find a higher education, the fish can come up quickly the use of the right accessories.



    Use the right bait when sportfishing for kokanee. The fish for on plankton without having it other species about fish. However, kokanee could bite worms as well as salmon eggs once presented.


    Use glaciers fishing jigs through bright colors to provide the bait. Each lake will present particular colors the fact that work best. Experience different colors as well as ask local fishermen what colors many people use to pick up kokanee.


    Start reef fishing one foot under the ice together with work the lure lower till the fish begin stinging. Kokanee are often located between 4 along with 15 feet of depth over the winter.


    Chum the stream with oats not to mention salmon eggs and once a school of fish has long been located. This can keep the fish within the hole making it safer to pull in extra fish.

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