The right way to Rig Spreader Handlebars for Halibut

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The right way to Rig Spreader Handlebars for Halibut. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The right way to Rig Spreader Handlebars for Halibut”. i hope that this short article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

The right way to Rig Spreader Handlebars for Halibut

How to help you Rig Spreader Discos for Halibut

A way of catching halibut, a bottom-dwelling fish a lot like flounder but frequently larger, is to stir in the bottom with the fishing rig. This may often cause the hooks within your rig to pull the, causing the diminished your terminal take on. To help refrain from getting hung all the way up, attach a spreader bar on your rig. This L-shaped unit holds a cannonball weight one end, while keeping the halibut rig over bottom on other end. The round weight would not snag easily in addition to if it will, the line the fact that holds it fails first, leaving simply the weight lurking behind.



    Attach the key line on the fly fishing rod and reel for the eyelet involved with the spreader bar which has a strong fishing knot, for instance a uni knot or perhaps improved clinch knot.


    Cut 12 inches width of 20 kilos. test monofilament path. Tie a Not any. 2 cannonball weight for the eyelet on this short side on the spreader bar using the capacity of monofilament line, leaving about 8 in . of line concerning the spreader bar plus the weight.


    Attach a good 16-inch wire leader with the eyelet on any long side for the spreader bar. Attach your halibut rig for the end of the actual wire leader.


    Drop the particular spreader bar straight down until it reaches the lower. Turn the handle with the real several times to create the cannonball weight just heli-copter flight bottom. Drop the tip within your fishing rod on occasion to bounce the weight about the bottom. This will wake up silt in the bottom, which halibut will require for moving prey but will come to explore.

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