The road to a Curado CU-200

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The road to a Curado CU-200 . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The road to a Curado CU-200 “. We hope this informative article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

The road to a Curado CU-200


The Shimano Curdado CU-200 is undoubtedly a parent-bait casting baitcasting reel. The Curado is provided with a metal casing which holds the buses, pinion in addition to the coil. Restoring the reel must step into the inner processes, cleaning them and even inspecting them for damage. If just about any particular item may be damaged, get replacements through outdoor department Shimano or as a result of fishing and undertake shops.



    Fill a fantastic shallow pan, along with the degreaser and set it on the side of your work location. Take the role of the bar by loosening each bar foot-retainer prosthesis.


    Turn four small screws in the product housing plate of the reel (this is for the non-handle side of the coil). Set the anchoring screws aside and snatch the housing plate, there are several side.


    pull the coil from your side to find the pinion. Start with a larger flat screwdriver to help you unscrew the retaining screw of the handle and drag the handle along with star drag the handle pivot. Place drag the star to the degreaser.


    Screw all four screws in the grip side belonging to the reel housing and retrieve the housing plateau. Screw the small buses and put them on the degreaser.


    Take the things of the dry degreaser off in addition to those covered with a cloth. Check these people turns, missing teeth or erosion. If damage occurs, replace the defective part.


    Coat the pieces using a light jacket regarding lubricant and replace all parts moving in the reverse order of removal.

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