The road to Mount Fishfinder using a pontoon boat

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The road to Mount Fishfinder using a pontoon boat . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The road to Mount Fishfinder using a pontoon boat “. We hope this post is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

The road to Mount Fishfinder using a pontoon boat

 How to Mount Fishfinder on the Pontoon Boat

might want to install a sea food finder in the pontoon boat for anyone who is getting” skunked, “because fishermen would explain. fishfinder allows you to scout colleges of fish. Their health appear as tiny specs in the fish finder and offers the ideal chance to catch the fish. the fish finder will follow go underneath swimming debris, and most have a depth meter, so anglers know much line they be able to roll off.



    Slide bracket belonging to the fish finder.


    place included your bracket in place where are searching for your fish person. A popular location in the v t the wheel. Trace utilizi ng your pencil bracket holes on your boat.


    drill out the holes.


    Place a bracket on the mounting bolts and nuts incorporated your fish finder of the bird.


    Slide the fish finder on your support.


    Connect the actual threads that the finder incorporated in the unit. Two wires should be exiting the adhesive. One is for those nutrition plus the other will be connected to the base of your fishing boat.


    Enter a wire to the power supply. Throw one to the wayside. You can just hide wires by placing them as a carpet you probably.


    drill starter holes through mounting bracket of a person in the boat accessories case. The accessories tab is found on a number of pontoons at the bottom side of a boat.


    Confirm your current bracket for a tab accessories along with the screws that were provided by your fish locator.


    Confirm your transducer mounting bracket simply by snapping place.


    Connect the wires to your battery. Customize them appropriately while using the negative to the negative along with the positive to mostly positive.


    turn in relation to the fish finder. When it powers all the way up, you have systematically installed. not check the wiring in the direction of the battery as the energy. You have placed the terminals backwards.

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