The Ultimate Trout Spinner

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The Ultimate Trout Spinner . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The Ultimate Trout Spinner “. i hope that this informative article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

The Ultimate Trout Spinner

Mark Romanack

The original Rooster Tail spinner is available at thousands of retailers nationwide. Widely considered to be the “go to” lure among anglers cast for trout, you can not go wrong if you tie on a Rooster Tail.

For each fish has a lure that is synonymous with being caught that fish. For walleye is the lead head jig for bass is the spinnerbait, pike casting spoon and the list goes on.

When it comes to catching all species of trout, it is the in-line spinner almost everyone’s list above as the ” go to “lure for consistent action. Under the category of in-line spinner there are dozens of notable examples, but the legendary Rooster Tail Spinner Yakima is the first to get the lips of many fishermen nationwide.
Yakima sells more in-line spinners which combined their competitors. The reason is some other manufacturers have made such a commitment to producing so many designs, sizes and color patterns as Yakima. Besides the original Rooster Tail, Yakima also produces the Rooster Tail in a prop knife, the Super Rooster Tail, Rooster Tail Minnow, Sonic Rooster Tail and Vibric Rooster Tail. Yakima have to stop here and Vibric is also available in the SST version for salmon and steelhead anglers. A musky large version of the Rooster Tail called the Huskie Tail is also available.

The author raises Rooster Tail spinners often when targeting brook trout
as this great instance of Lake Nipigon in Western Ontario.
the Vibric Spinner throws depicted here as a ball
and the blade rotates at the slowest possible speed to get back.

The Rooster Tail family of spinners is the widest choice provided by a manufacturer. Available in a wide range of formats, including 1/24, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and even an ounce sizes, the Rooster Tail also comes in hundreds of colors, blade finishes and UV colors. Collectively, it is easy to see why the Rooster Tail family of in-line spinners not only trout fishing market has dominated, but anglers who focus almost anything that swims. That’s the beauty of the Rooster Tail. It was designed with trout and salmon in mind, but this spinner catching bass, walleye, pike, musky, striper and a host of panfish species.

For the fisherman who is shopping for a bait that works well on a variety of species, the Rooster Tail is an easy choice. The biggest problem will be settling on a version, size and color pattern!

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