The way to catch tuna

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The way to catch tuna . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The way to catch tuna “. Hopefully this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

The way to catch tuna

Tuna seem big and hearty game saltwater sea food. There are some types of tuna like albacore tuna, blackfin, striped and potentially giant bluefin tuna. You can catch any skipjack tuna for coastal waters, still most fishermen remain tuna off the coast only by chumming or trolling. Chumming when you fish with the lure and set to bring extra bait for fishing on the water. Trolling is carried out by pulling a fishing bait behind slow-moving vessel performed. Read on to actually catch tuna.




    Choose a new lure. Most tuna lures are relatively Kona head, but they come in many shapes, sizes, along with colors and by many names. The Kona cup ensures perfect bubble trail as well as surface action to get attract tuna.


    Set the special stamps. With stamps, or arms extending to the side of the boat, you would have extra wrinkles troll without the complex. Tuna fishermen often troll nearly four lines, but with the perfect equipment you can actually set more.


    Troll until finally punches a fish. If it’s done correctly, the stamps can release the line when a fish hits.


    Country real tuna. Use clip art or photos and measurements. When you’re holding the striped bass, put on ice immediately.



    Prepare friend. Cut the temptation, keeping all this blood and guts.


    start putting buddy on board have reached around regularly to a probable fishing area.


    Cast your bait line in the wake of a friend behind the motorboat. Once tuna starts to feed on that friend, it is to catch them if they think that your bait is another piece for chum.


    Set the hook at any time a fish strikes. Country and also the fish properly based on whether you are going to release it or maybe to treat food.

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