The way to connect the PVC pipe to the boat for Purple Crabs

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The way to connect the PVC pipe to the boat for Purple Crabs . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “The way to connect the PVC pipe to the boat for Purple Crabs “. We hope this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

The way to connect the PVC pipe to the boat for Purple Crabs

 How to connect the PVC pipe for the boat for Pink Crabs

trotlines are the most common ways to catch blue crabs and the line covers extensive areas and crabber will set the line and back display control soon after. when you have a blue crab trotline, you should use to choose a prop lift line away from the bottom of an ocean bed to make sure the line. you need to install the plug stick privately the fishing and draw the line with the stick. If you generate the boat down the size of the trotline, gag cling holds the set over the water, so you can check it to get crabs.



    Coat the T connector together in the glue sites with the carriage 1 1/2 inch water pipe on the horizontal ports on the T-connector. Place the 4-inch pipe at the opposite port to the T-connector. At this point you have a long pipe through open gate 4 inches from one end.


    Apply glue to the inside of the gates in a right-angled connector, together with the slide at the open end of the 4-inch pipe. The open port of the right-angle connector opposite to the identical direction.


    Place each of the 2-inch tubes in your open ports on the elbow and L terminals. You have what looks like a capital “F”


    Slide usually PVC caps on the ends complexion open pipes, for example, have two 2-inch you just fittings inserted plus the open end of the 2-foot tube. The hole really big enough for those galvanized bolt to ensure that you scroll through to have, as well as gaps to manage together.


    Slide this bolt in a hole in a PVC pipe, the program may be the opening to a different PVC tube. Insert the 3-inch PVC pipe for the bolt and slides the end of the bolt with the other PVC pipe. Tighten the bolt continually in place with the lover. This is the outer edge of said prop stick.


    Place the side rail on starboard prop stick belonging to the boat with a PVC tube pointing trend next bolt up.


    Turn the screw within the PVC inches at the edge of the actual boat. Make sure the screw goes through the PSC and in the boat.


    pull buoy about eventually trotline and additionally draw the line above the PVC pipe on the galvanized bolt. As you pull forward, will turn the PVC line and the line is out of the water.

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