Thoughts on the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

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Thoughts on the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Thoughts on the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 “. i hope that this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Thoughts on the Vibe Sea Ghost 130

 Vibe Sea Ghost 130

 Vibe Sea Ghost 130

The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is your standard sit on top kayak design. It has a package price of $ 799, which includes kayak, seat, paddle and stir. There is also an option for a paddle and seat upgrade for a little extra money. It has four built-in rod holders and three hatches for storage.

The Good Vibe

For an entry level kayak put on the market this boat nails the price with a nice solid design of the hull which offers ample storage. It is a very riggable platform that gives everyone from the entry level to the most seasoned angler you the opportunity to boat they desire to build.

The Sea Ghost is very responsive for a 13ft draft. It was capable of tracking out to Eddy running water quickly and efficiently and was very nice. Flat water is easy to navigate with great speed. With the help of the stirring, the reaction of the Vibe is clean.

The hull design provides a large part of the stability and if you have decent balance, it is possible to fall. I would practice without any gear in the boat first as people are sized differently and with varying balance.

I recommend the acceleration tracks that are specifically designed for this trunk. They are easy to install and allow another possibility rigging.

The Needs Improvement Vibe

I would like to see more space in the footwell area if they were a little tight for my taste. With the aid of the rudder system requires a little more foot accuracy.

I would change the center console a bit and go with a hinge and single band design. (I almost kicked the hatch overboard twice)

The rudder cable material Vibe uses is a bit spongy and lacks the quick response that I wish, but if you tinker with them a little can be made suitable .

Incorporated gear track would be a great addition to the design, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. (I do not mind drilling holes in my kayak).

The cam lock hatch behind the seat is not super convenient for me other than rigging access. It can be lost easily more space for adding into the rear tank.


Overall I would recommend this boat to anyone on a sub- $ 1000 budget or just in sports. It is a very solid kayak built for the money.

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