Thrift goes from cable to cable, wins the 2019 FLW Cup of Bass Professional Fishing

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Thrift goes from cable to cable, wins the professional Bass Fishing FLW Cup 2019

Bryan Thrift

August 12, 2019 by FLW Communications

HOT SPRINGS, Arkansas – Professional Bryan Thrift of Shelby, North Carolina, brought a limit of five low to the stage with a weight of 10 pounds, 13 ounces, on Sunday to claim the title of FLW Cup Champion in the FLW Cup in Hamilton Lake. Savings, with a three-day total of 15 low by 38 pounds, 7 ounces, earned by a margin of 5 pounds and 1 ounce over the professional Kyle Walters of Grant Valkaria, Florida, who caught a total of three 15-day lows. 33-6, good for $ 60,000. The final weighing on Sunday marked the end of the 2019 FLW Cup, which featured 52 of the best professional bass fishermen from all of North America. Thrift led the tournament in three days of competition and took home the maximum prize of $ 300,000.

"I feel that this tournament was an event that everyone thought he would eventually win some day, except me," said Thrift, who brought his career earnings to more than $ 3 million and is now the number 2 leading money of all Winning times in the history of FLW. “I felt that I would eventually have a chance, and I felt that this tournament was the first Cup that I really had the chance to win. I still can't believe I won it, it's an incredible feeling. "

Thrift said his tournament was a "mixed bag" every day. Of the 15 basses he weighed, he caught them in eight different baits, including a buzzbait, a bait to walk on the water, a Texas rig, a shooting rig, five different crankbaits, a frog, a Damiki Underspin and a Damiki Armor Swimsuit Shad Paddle Tail.

"Fishing in August, you have to fish everything," Thrift said. "Every morning I started fishing shallow, the bank and the shadow lines, then I fished on some docks and then I moved and fished thickets. I even fished some fish that were not around anything, just around bait and suspended. I caught seven or eight different patterns, and you have to have that in August because two or three of them will disappoint you. ”

The only time Thrift really caught a lot of fish in a hurry was Sunday when he stopped first and the fish broke the surface within 200 yards.

"Today started pretty well," he said. "I ran to a place that I knew (Bryan) Schmitt was catching them at school, and I knew he didn't make the cut. So I went in there, and they were actually studying like crazy. I reached a pretty fast limit probably at 8 o'clock. 8:30. I didn't weigh much; maybe 7 or 7 1/2 pounds. And I'm thinking, 'Shoot, I have all day to update. This is good. We're ready to go. "

“So that helped me slow down and gave me confidence. But around 12:30 he had not had another bite. I had an area where I had captured most of my weight in the last hour and a half every day at Hot Springs Creek. Then I ran there at 12:30. I said: "If I'm going to win it, I'm going to win it again here." I didn't start the boat until 3:30 and ended up sacrificing three. "

The place was a small dead-end pocket with deep water running to the back. The bass were pushing the bait up, not quite, but close.

"It's just a shallow floor," he said of that final place. "There is a lot of shaving out there. There were three small piles of brushes. They weren't large. They were maybe the size of the hood of a truck; only three small and small piles of brushes. It would simply rotate between them. One of them, they were studying a little, and I caught a couple of them while they were studying. ”

The 10 best FLW Cup 2019 professionals in Lake Hamilton finished:

First: Bryan Thrift, Shelby, North Carolina, 15 low, 38-7, $ 300,000

2nd: Kyle Walters, Grant Valkaria, Florida, 15 low, 33-6, $ 60,000

3rd: Dakota Ebare, Denham Springs, La., 14 low, 32-2, $ 50,000

4th: Bass Pro Shops pro Jeremy Lawyer, Sarcoxie, Mo., 15 bass, 31-6, $ 37,500

5th: Scott Martin, Clewiston, Florida, 15 low, 31-2, $ 30,000

6th: Lowrance pro Austin Felix, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 15 low, 30-6, $ 24,000

Seventh: Joseph Webster, Winfield, Ala., 15 low, 28-2, $ 23,000

8th: Ryan Salzman, Huntsville, Ala., 15 low, 26-12, $ 22,000

Ninth: Josh Douglas, Isle, Minnesota, 14 low, 26-3, $ 21,000

Tenth: Jordan Osborne, Longview, Texas, 10 low, 22-6, $ 20,000

Full results for the entire field can be found at

Overall, there were 43 casualties weighing 66 pounds, 3 ounces caught by professionals on Sunday. Eight of the 10 final fishermen weighed in limits of five low.

The 2019 FLW Cup on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was organized by the Arkansas Parks and Tourism Department and Visit Hot Springs. The total attendance for the three-day event was 67,453 fishing fans. The Bank OZK Arena was at 100 percent capacity, on Sunday, with additional fans who watched the Trace Adkins concert and the final weighings on the giant screens at the Hot Springs Convention Center.

The television coverage of the 2019 FLW Cup in Lake Hamilton will premiere in the fall of 2019. The Emmy-nominated "FLW" television show airs every Saturday night at 7 p.m. EST and is transmitted to more than 63 million cable, satellite and telecommunications homes in the US. USA, Canada and the Caribbean through the World Fisheries Network (WFN), the main entertainment and digital resource destination for fishermen in North America. FLW television is also distributed internationally to FLW partner countries, including Canada, China, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and South Africa.

For complete details and updated information, visit For regular updates, photos, tournament news and more, follow the best fishermen of the sport on the FLW Tour on the FLW social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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