Trout Fishing Techniques – For the Advanced Trout Angler

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Trout Fishing Techniques – For the Advanced Trout Angler. Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Trout Fishing Techniques – For the Advanced Trout Angler”. Hopefully this short article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Trout Fishing Techniques – For the Advanced Trout Angler

Do you know what it’s like to spend a good amount of time trout fishing and not consistently catch large trout? Many people have this problem. In this article I’m going to outline some tips and techniques that will help you take your trout angling to the next level. So, why am I someone who knows anything about advanced trout fishing techniques? There are two simple reasons.
First, I personally have more than 20 years of trout fishing experience, fishing for these beautiful fish from Pennsylvania to Montana. In the past 7 years I’ve focused specifically on catching large trout (eighteen inches and over), which has given me more valuable experience. The second reasons that I was taught about trout fishing by a man who has since passed away, and was the most effective trout angler I’ve since known.
If you are or want to become an advanced trout angler the first thing to keep in mind is to keep the basics in mind. In many cases the basics are the difference between having trout fishing success and experiencing average results. The basics, such as the size of your line, your knots, the color of your clothing, and the time when you are fishing make the difference between catching a lot of trout and lackluster trout fishing results.
Let’s start you fishing line. No line larger than six pound test should ever be employed when trout fishing. When it comes to trout fishing techniques, no matter what technique you use, the size of your line needs to be paid attention to. I personally prefer four pound test monofilament, and siz pound is the maximum line weight that should be used. You should also make sure that your fishing line is as “fresh” as possible. This means re-spooling every month or so to make sure that your line is as “fresh” as possible. Fresh line performs much better than heavily used fishing line.
As far as your knots are concerned, you want to make sure each and every knot is tied properly. It’s also a great idea to re-tie after every couple of trout or after catching a large trout. After fighting a large trout your knots become stressed and much less strong. Pay attention to your knots and you will eliminate losing trout because of this simple problem.
Trout have very sensitive eyesight and almost always live in cold clear water. Trout are also very aware of their surroundings and anything that is “out of the ordinary”. This means that you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Make sure you wear drab colored clothing so that you don’t draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. If trout detect something out of the ordinary they are much less apt to bite. Advanced trout anglers always pay attention to their clothing.
The last thing that advanced trout anglers pay attention to is when they are fishing. What do I mean by this? Simply that the time of the day and month that you’re trout fishing has an amazing impact on whether or not you experience success. The simplest way to know the best times to be fishing is by learning the simple ways in which the weather and moon impact fishing. Of all the trout fishing techniques in this article, this may be the most important.
The bottom line is that these tips and techniques will make anyone (especially the advanced trout angler) much more successful. Most of being an advanced trout angler has to do with the details. Paying attention to and doing the simple things that many anglers neglect to do. The last important aspect o becoming an advanced trout angler is spending time on the water honing your skills. The more time you can spend on the water trout fishing, the better.

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