Tuna Fishing from the Bahamas

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Tuna Fishing from the Bahamas. Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Tuna Fishing from the Bahamas”. We hope this post is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Tuna Fishing from the Bahamas

Tuna Fishing from the Bahamas

Deep underwater fishing is popular in your waters of any Bahamas, and tuna is amongst the sought-after fish. The feeling of catching a tuna might be rewarding for a great angler after struggling with the fish on, sometimes for periods. The Bahamas consist of 700 islands and then the surrounding waters offer a good amount of tuna fishing.


    According to Anglers Addiction, typically the blue fin tuna could weigh over 750 kilograms. Yellow fins tend to be between 40 not to mention 50 lbs. Black color fin tuna are generally smaller, as tend to be other varieties, much like the skipjack. Tuna are molded like large bullets and will swim as speedy as 35 to be able to 45 miles each hour. Chubasco Charters indicates the fact that the yellow fins would be a challenge as that they fight hard.

Time Frame

    The best the perfect time to fish for white fin tuna is usually April through Come july 1st, according to Fish on the Bahamas. Fishing meant for black fin might be good to wonderful from March so that you can September, and March through July constitutes a time to catch Alison tuna. Chubasco Charters indicates how the yellow fin should begin to migrate from your Bahamas toward typically the Gulf Stream within late February or maybe early March and continues from your end of Aug. November, December and The month of january are overall that poorest tuna fishing months from the Bahamas.

Boat Arrival

    Visitors in which arrive by cruiser must fly this yellow quarantine banner and must transparent customs and immigration at among the many 32 entry shipping. Every person included must complete a strong immigration card and offer proof of citizenship. Citizens for the U. S. must present your birth certificate and / or passport and a variety of photo identification, depending on Islands of that Bahamas. Entry fees are charged using the size of a boat, and fishing allows for are obtained during entry.


    Regulations report that each boat will most likely not fish with around six rods or perhaps reels, except when the boat operator features a permit for far more, according to Fish in your Bahamas. There may be a limit of 6-8 tuna per unique vessel. Marine boats are permitted 18. These catch limits will be the amounts of tuna that is aboard the vessel any time; they are not daily limits or in every trip limits, using the Islands of this Bahamas. Any person allowing the Bahamas is permitted to take with him or her, for non-commercial functions, as many like six tuna.


    Chubasco Charters implies that yellow fin tuna are placed by the members of birds that can be feeding off the small fish that float towards surface on account of feeding tuna. In line with the Islands of the actual Bahamas, Tuna Canyon along with Tuna City usually are two areas where anglers catch tuna. Tuna Canyon can be found 12 to 15 mile after mile south of Freeport. Tuna Locale is several distance west of Awesome Bahama Island. A deep waters provide you with good feeding regions. Baits include herring, mackerel, squid, hype and pilchards.


    Charter boats can be found throughout the Bahamas with regard to deep sea doing some fishing of tuna. The hawaiian islands of the Bahamas website has an extensive directory for fishing charters, which always can be possibly be booked for half-day as well as full-day trips. Superior reservations are advisable.

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