Tuna Fishing in Cyprus

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Tuna Fishing in Cyprus . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Tuna Fishing in Cyprus “. Hopefully this article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Tuna Fishing in Cyprus

 Reef Tuna fish in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus, an island country in Mediterranean south of Turkey, is usually a haven for vacationers and deep sea fishing. Commercial doing some fishing is a stock of albacore exhausted not call bluefin tuna, but modified in 2010 they will always popular trophies to get fish recreationally.


    designated tuna is the offshore inside a fishing vessel. No license required for the sea reef fish provided the fishermen using vertical lines, trolling or maybe spear fishing while not diving equipment. There is no limit on the volume of tuna recreational fishing normally takes. There is no reef tuna fishing allowed with designated swimming aspects.


    A lice nses tuna fishery is essential for those who find a spear and aqualungs, nets, long lines or tiger attack. A license is required to fish at night with a spear marker or commercial fishing. The Republic Cypress department regarding Fisheries and Ocean Research indicates licenses.


    charter companies in Cyprus supply tuna fishing tours guided by a master certified by the International Game Muskie Association (IGFA). The captain must keep IGFA standards to get the safety underwater, saltwater fishing tips, legislation addressing plus boating etiquette. Perhaps the most common deep sea charter bus rental and tuna is 60 miles out there to the sea.

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