Vertical Jigging with Braid

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Vertical Jigging with Braid . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Vertical Jigging with Braid “. We hope this short article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Vertical Jigging with Braid

By Mark Romanack

Spring time verticals time.
The author hold jig for walleye and strong
recommends that anglers use premium braided
maximize their lines, sensitivity and ability
to detect subtle attacks.

verticals for the river walk fish is one of the technical presentations walleye used target. Boat control is a crucial part of verticals, but just as important is the fishing line chooses a fisherman. Ultra-thin, ultra low stretch and high visibility fishing lines are ideal for river fish mold applications. A thin diameter and a high visibility line has less resistance in the water, making it easier to see and also to maintain a vertical presentation in fast moving stream. Low stretch lines which sensitive to detect the fisherman down easier and feel subtle attacks.

The ideal line for walleye jig fishing applications is 10 # test eight strand braid as Maxima’s High Visibility braid. A 10 # test line is strong enough for walleye jig fishing applications, thin enough is effective in making a stay vertical, but this line can also be classified, the jig snag on the bottom. Fishermen who use too heavy braided line, run the risk of snagging a jig on the bottom and break a rod tip or the reel bail can not for the line to be broken!

jig line connection
Many anglers tie their jigs directly to braided fishing line. Because I prefer to use a high-visibility line, I instead rig a 24 inch leader of 10 # test fluorocarbon line to the braid. Fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant than monofilament, as well as less stretch and as it is almost invisible in the water makes it the perfect leader material.

The Knot Double Uni is the best way to attach braided line to fluorocarbon leader material. A lot of guys just use a swivel tied in-line, but this option may be the tip-top line guide damage on your rod, leading to costly repairs.

The author advocates premium braids for verticals such as Maxima’s
stand overnight High Visibility line.

ALL braided lines are not created equal
production processes, quality and functionality all fishing lines are not the same. The best braids consist of eight strands Spectra Fiber rolled together under heat and pressure to make a line that has a shape and management features similar to monofilament. Maxima eight strand braid goes one step further by using a smooth coating that makes the line delivered substantially more than the uncoated braids.

Unfortunately, the typical “braided” line on the market not to include eight strand technology. These lines tend flat in shape, are exceptionally soft and when queued on a coil line forests and binds himself. It gets worse, because these “flat” weaving shed bad and avoid drag reel’s smooth functioning.

summing IT UP
Bargain braids are not a bargain at all, but rather a burden to fish with. The cost of the premium braids is more than ordinary products, but premium braids last longer and perform better. The typical fisherman, a premium braid with confidence fish for two or three seasons. The value of the premium braids is measured in a long life, performance and function.

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