Ways to a jigging Rapala

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Ways to a jigging Rapala . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways to a jigging Rapala “. We hope this short article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Ways to a jigging Rapala


 How able a jigging Rapala

Jigging Rapalas produced by Rapala do some fishing lure company, can be installed for open-water perch or ice tasty fish They are listed in two sizes -. 3/16 or 5/16 ounce of your – if and seven dyes. the dispensers contain some hooks on the front and back, and a g noose hanging from the abdomen.’s eye locks on his back. the best way to sea bass with sifting Rapalas almost always drop them in the water and fish them with a vertical presentation.


Open water


    Drop usually jigging Rapala in the side of the boat with the place to fish. Let falling to the bottom, or at any time during the water column.


    Shake those rod tip just to give a little to action in the jigging Rapala.


    Move rod tip left or right – but not close – a swimming adding action for jigging Rapala. Vary the aggressiveness that you sweep the fly line tip. Wait until the line is tight, moreover, the temptation is before you again jigging.

Ice Fishing


    Drop this Rapala Jigging in the hole and give it time to fall into the lower or the desired location in the water column.


    shake the rod tip, which can cause to vibrate the jigging Rapala, but not even move horizontally under the water.


    Lift your rod tip up and then dropping that jigging Rapala can cause to go up and then fall in an erratic fashion. Test the aggressiveness that you simply lift the rod tip. A sudden upward jerk results in the lure to help you swim in intimate circles, while a much softer upward jerk creates the temptation cycling in larger bags.

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