Ways to Hook Chub Minnows

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Ways to Hook Chub Minnows. Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways to Hook Chub Minnows”. Hopefully this informative article is useful for you, all fishing lovers.

Ways to Hook Chub Minnows

Attract gameplay fish like muskie and northern pike which has a chub minnow tempt. Chub minnows comprise sturgeon, lake, speckled, flathead, tiny rocks and creek. Ones own physical hardiness may make them ideal baits designed for enticing game pike. Hook the chub to complement them it with whatever fishing you will do do, such for the reason that trolling, still sportfishing or catch not to mention release.


Cast and also Retrieve Fishing in addition to Trolling


    Hold any minnow at the biggest market of its body together with the head up.


    Slide the hook although the lower and higher lips, with the end of the land pointing upward.


    Push the hook prior to the chub minnow lies into the land bend. Tug gently to make sure that the bait is normally secure. The upright position will grant the minnow to look to swim effortlessly.

Cut Baits


    Cut a chub minnow right into squares or chunks inside of a size that match ups the fish you’re targeting. Choose a chunk size that could be threaded onto a hook easily. Keep the skin to the bait in order that it will hold more suitable when hooked.


    Slide that hook through center of the cut trap.


    Push typically the cut bait through until its securely positioned into your bend of the actual hook.

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