Ways to Keep Maggots live longer

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Ways to Keep Maggots live longer . Hi all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways to Keep Maggots live longer “. Hopefully this short article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Ways to Keep Maggots live longer

 The Maggots stay longer Alive

The worm is known a infestation by just most, but many anglers use the cream-colored larvae as bait. storing the maggots in the live condition set in a temperature-controlled. maggots eventually die along with the fisherman must observe health to the guarantee is quite possible maggots are vivid for fishing. Extending the life of the worm is always easy, but willing to grow you for just a strong smell in the closet.



    Leave a kind of thin layer of sawdust or shredded newspaper in a plastic tub. Fill the base layer of the bathtub with a few inches of cloth. Deep bedding makes it clear that it is difficult for the health of the maggots to control.


    Place the maggots with a screen and sort the display to moisture and particles on the old bedding. Dump the maggots during the plastic container.


    Line a plastic container with the aid of a window screen. Use a large mesh screen that is not easily penetrated by your maggots. Belt clip or screen in the cockpit, if desired, but the weight is often enough to develop the maggots that bad.


    Place the plastic bin covered in the refrigerator. Maintaining an environment of 35 degrees Fahrenheit to the lives of these maggots. Temperature fluctuations have the effect of lowering of the life for the maggots.


    Monitor the actual maggots and bedding singular improve every week. Maintain dry litter to deliver the life of your maggots.

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