Ways to Replace an Abu Garcia 5600AB Flash Switch

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Ways to Replace an Abu Garcia 5600AB Flash Switch. Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways to Replace an Abu Garcia 5600AB Flash Switch”. We hope this short article is ideal for you, all fishing lovers.

Ways to Replace an Abu Garcia 5600AB Flash Switch

How to change an Abu Garcia 5600AB Thumbs Switch

Intended just for trolling and brief range casts, bait casting reels enjoy a nasty tendency towards tangle the line about the reel spool while in casting — happening if the spool turns faster versus the line can unspool belonging to the reel. Equipped that has a spool brake, the Abu-Garcia 5600AB (anti-backlash) tempt casting reel is with a browse switch that settings the speed with the reel spool. If the switch malfunctions it could possibly easily be replaced within just minutes.



    Remove each of those side covers out of your reel with a group of precision screwdrivers. Wiggle the cover plates from your reel with a fingers.


    Remove that nuts on both sides within the spindle bolt using a wrench. Use established needle-nose or circlip pliers to take out the retaining engagement rings on both ends on the spindle. Pull the spindle through the reel with your own fingers.


    Push the actual thumb-switch bar up using your finger until it happens to be at a 70-degree angle towards the reel foot — the bottom of the fishing reel that holds the rod to your handle of your pole. Wiggle the thumb-switch bar assembly with the reel.


    Install the latest thumb-switch bar assembly during the same orientation as one that was removed. Install the spindle within the reel and substitute the retaining rings about the ends of that spindle.


    Apply thread sealer to threads on the particular spindle bolt plus screw the peanuts onto the spindle bolts along with your fingers. Tighten the nuts while using the wrench. Place the medial side covers on any reel. Coat the threads for the cover screws by means of thread sealer not to mention tighten the screws in position with a screwdriver.

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