Ways to Rig a Banjo Minnow

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Ways to Rig a Banjo Minnow . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways to Rig a Banjo Minnow “. We hope this short article is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Ways to Rig a Banjo Minnow

 How so you Rig a Banjo Minnow

the Banjo minnow has solidified his place among the fishing rigs as a legitimate means of not only catching fish, but in many cases large fish. using a soft plastic minnow as the main attraction, Banjo rig was set up to the light allow plastic bait to help imitate die stays or seriously injured minnow. Banjo minnow kits are for sale to purchase, but the basic components of the vehicle is sold separately and installed in your home to your personal version of the special Banjo minnow to making.



    Keep a good soft plastic minnow in a hand and any no-crimp bait holder on the other. Screw the bait holder in the direction of the nose a soft bait minnow to ensure that only the eyes of your bait holder can be exposed.


    Slide a minute plastic O-ring at the tip of the Kahle hook and down the curve of the hook. Place the actual hook to the eye of all tempt container not budge. Slide your bait container via minnow attached at the bottom of the curve belonging to the hook next to the O ring.


    Place another small O call on the bend of the hook. The O-rings used to hold your bait holder hook and prevent it from constantly exaggerated the lure.


    Tie a rubber band around minute and out of your eye that Kahle hook. Pull the rubber band around the gorge of the hook and put it in the barb of the hook.

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