Ways to Rig a counterweight seafood Trap

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Ways to Rig a counterweight seafood Trap . Hello all fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Ways to Rig a counterweight seafood Trap “. We hope this informative article is a good choice for you, all fishing lovers.

Ways to Rig a counterweight seafood Trap

A counterweight entice uses a weight, and also to catch a trigger mechanism to help animals. A counterweight designed to trap fish uses these forms of the same principles. The fall of the actual few basic supplies and takes to put on just one or two minutes to start fishing day. This type of trap pays to survive in events, however, check with the local laws regarding the installation of traps to collect fish before this pitfall for relaxation.



    Choose a new tree located on the water with the “Y” shaped branch hanging which the water. If there is no branch of the water is up, choose a branch in the water with the tree.


    Find a rock to act as the counterweight. Rock and weight have the kind of fish you might catch fit. For example, a blue gill, which is a small fish, can not fall into a truck which has a large stone. An inferior rock is essential for smaller fish.


    Tie one end within the cable firmly has been selected in the rock principle.


    is usually throw the rock and cable over the upper branch of the tree with the specified “Y” -shaped side branch.


    Raise the rock astonishing ground by pulling over the cable. The length of this rock is based are arrested on the size of the stone and all the fish. The larger the rock and also the greater distance which is raising the level of force to secure the hook. The force has been big enough to get not too big hook where it would pull the hook right out of the mouth of the fish. This may require several attempts to discover proven correct height.


    Band all the rope to both ends of the stick. The stick stands out as the balance of the counterweight and can be found at the bottom of the actual “Y” shaped office. Wrap the rope around the stick 1 inch in the end.


    situate the stick, so your stage set-off is set as the light requirements in the game.


    Drape the rope to the entire office “Y” limb against the inner side of the bar which is certainly move first when the trap is caused. Try pulling it out of the line to see which side of the stick earliest moves. After fixing light the strings pulled tight.


    Dee doing some fishing line on your rope above. The line will be harder to see from the water. Fish sections also allows the binding of this hook, on each line easier.


    Add the hook to your other end of the fishing line, bait and trigger fish.

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