Wind continues to affect fishing

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BIG FAST: The DNR reports that wind conditions continue to hamper fishing efforts and very few have been out. The areas on the upper peninsula saw their first snowfall last weekend. Higher water levels and wave action have kept fishermen away from the docks due to dangerous conditions. Boat fishermen have not been to the inland lakes, the DNR said.

In Osceola County, "it has been quite slow, not many boys are out with all the rain and wind," said Brad Cox of Big Country Bait and Tackle in LeRoy. "I know there are still some guys chasing salmon. But inland lakes are slow right now."

In Mecosta County, "they have still been catching a bunch of perches and pike perches in the river," said Tanner Havens of Frank & # 39; s Sporting Goods in Morley. "I know there will be a tournament this weekend on the river, in Hardy Pond, for pike perch. There are between 15 and 20 men who will participate in that. They've been catching quite a lot lately. Everyone is using minnows nows. They've moved away from the trackers. They are using fish for perch and pike perch, and also wigglers for perch. "

In Frankfort, the dock and dock fishermen who use fresh spawn were getting some steel all day long and Betsie River was producing a good amount of coho, the DNR said.

"They've been catching Steelhead on Lake Michigan in the surf, mainly using spawning bags," said Christine Murphy of Frankfort Tackle Box. "For Beulah Beach in Crystal Lake, they are catching rainbows and cohos, again in spawning bags. The hanger on the west end of Crystal Lake is still not huge. No one has been in boats because of the weather. I don't do it" I don't know what It's happening in Platte Bay due to the weather. There is coho in the Platte River and some Steelhead trapped in the Betsie that I know of. "

In Portage Lake, perch fishermen found some caretakers at 14 to 22 feet when using worms in several different areas of the lake.

  • Fishermen have fought the wind in recent weeks. (Star file photo)

    Fishermen have fought the wind in recent weeks. (Star file photo)

    Fishermen have fought the wind in recent weeks. (Star file photo)

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Image one from one

Fishermen have fought the wind in recent weeks. (Star file photo)

Fishermen have fought the wind in recent weeks. (Star file photo)

The wind continues to affect fishing.

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"Right now, people are leaving the docks," said Kristen Loeffler of Don & # 39; s Sporting Goods in Manistee. "Sometimes they go to the river, but the river has been high at this time. They said they are catching coho from the docks here. The boys who come in say they are catching enough. Some of the boys said that & # 39; is heading to Portage and Bear Lake for perch. "

At Mansitee, the DNR said surface water temperatures were approximately 54 degrees. The windy conditions made it difficult, but when fishermen can leave, they took small coho with spawning at the pier and surfing from the beach.

"There are steel heads in the river (Big Manistee), mainly in accounts," said Bob Lancaster of Tangled Tackle Co., in Manistee. "Fishing on the big lake is slow due to the weather. When people can go out, they are fishing on the platform. I haven't heard any word of perch on Lake Portage, but that should come."

Fishermen fished Chinook and Steelhead in the Manistee River, the DNR said, and continued to produce some salmon although the fish are dark.

"The salmon is a little beyond the peak," said Rob Eckerson of Pappy & # 39; s Bait Shop, in Wellston. "The Big Manistee is still full of fish when it comes to salmon. The steel head is loading right behind them. The Little Manistee is finishing the hardest process. The wind is blowing and there are limited people in the inland lakes. The river is the best opportunity. "

Fishermen were starting to catch steel heads in the spawning or accounts in the lower river, the DNR added.

Surface temperatures were approximately 62 degrees in Ludington, the DNR said. Fishermen located Coho in Ludington State Park.

Water levels in the Pere Marquette River were still high but were backing down, the DNR said. The salmon race could peak this week. Large fish have been reported, but most were becoming dark, the DNR said, and advised fishermen to look for steel heads that follow salmon and generally strike spawning or accounts.

Fishing tip: Find Steelhead in the middle of the fall

Courtesy of the Michigan DNR.

Although many people hunt in the brain, there are some fishermen who are enjoying some more trips to the currents at this time to find Steelhead. Those who succeed are probably following some basic tips:

Point to lesser known transmissions that we could have stored in recent years.

Do not fish on weekends, when everyone else is, but focus on the middle of the week if you can.

In extreme weather conditions, some of the best fishing activities occur when the weather is the worst.

Concentrate on going early in the morning or at night.


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