Winter fishing is a drag

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Winter fishing is a drag . Hello all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “Winter fishing is a drag “. Hopefully this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

Winter fishing is a drag

Big River smallmouth bass caught in February

I winter fishing for years and have many lessons through trial and error that help me progress learned smallmouth bass in my pursuit of the river. An important lesson was many years ago when I was a relative newbie in the winter fishing game. My friend and I were dragging pipe through a series of submerged ledges in a deep hole hibernation. The water temperatures where near freezing, so we knew that the cold-blooded fish would be very lethargic.

Winco Custum Lure cold water finesse baits ranging from 3.25 inches down to 2 inches

We dragged tubes for literally hours with only a few bumps and a few missed hook sets for our efforts. Frustration was setting for both of us. This was a major wintering area with lots of fish, but we were drawing a blank! In desperation, I decided from my usual winter bath offer to switch to a small paddle tail grub rigged on 90-degree lead jig head. I made the change looking for something with a smaller sleeker profile.

I dragged slow paddle tail jig along the bottom. Just as I had with the subway, I was focusing all my mental energy on feeling the bait moving painfully slowly over the ground ready to spring into action at the slightest “tick” or “bump”. What I found was that I could feel every tap, bump and grind of the mold dragging along the rock ledge. The difference between the feeling of the exposed lead and internal weighted tube was an eye-opener to say the least.

Winco’s Rock Guarded Football head (top) and Winco’s Flutter Head (bottom) are both great catch resistant rigging options under the grass

I kept dragging the bait ten inches or so at a time with short breaks in between drags. On one of the first few casts I had the lead head jig clearly feel times over rock when suddenly I felt “nothing”. I knew that would not let the bait drop trench in a ridge, so I did what any good winter fishing would do if they feel something “different”. I set the hook! Immediately I was rewarded with shaking knocking a heavy head of a beautiful fish on the other end of my line. I brought the beautiful bronze fish at hand, he hooked and brought it back into the ridge system.

At that time I thought about my ace adjustment and what was just shown. It was quite clear that the main conduit me another level of sensory perception that allowed my bites that I probably missed gave to feel the tube. Several casts later my observation was confirmed by taking another almost imperceptibly and another successful hook set. This was enough confirmation for my buddy. He turned quickly to similar bait with an exposed lead jib head and got in on the action winter.

since that cold December day many years ago I also confirmed my observations that lead to drag hard on the bottom makes for a much better feeling and opens another level of perceiving light winter snacks. I also have extensive use of simple lead-head jigs to include football heads, stand up head and snag resistant “flutter heads”. Yes, people winter fishing is a drag .. but that’s a good thing!

Juan Veruete owns, ACA certified kayak instructor and licensed guide at Kayak Fish PA, LLC . His home waters are the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers in Pennsylvania, where he provides professional kayak fishing instruction and guide services. Juan is a member of the Wilderness Systems Fishing Team and has over 40 years experience of fishing in the waters of Pennsylvania and beyond.

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