YAK4IT TOC 2016 Hobie Fishing Worlds Qualifier

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YAK4IT TOC 2016 Hobie Fishing Worlds Qualifier . Hi all of fishing lovers, Today’s post is “YAK4IT TOC 2016 Hobie Fishing Worlds Qualifier “. Hopefully this post is helpful for you, all fishing lovers.

YAK4IT TOC 2016 Hobie Fishing Worlds Qualifier

 Hobie fishing worlds

AUSTIN, TX October 18, 2016

Yak4it the tournament of Champions is a qualifying tournament for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 6 will be held on 04-10 December Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, 2016.

Hobie Fishing and Mariner Sails are working together to make this an event to remember. Hobie is the leader in kayak manufacture and Mariner Sails is a national leader in the kayak and water sports retail. together they have worked to make many things possible for this event.

the honor of a Fishing Hobie Worlds 6 qualifier is offered to very few. We take this very seriously and cherish the opportunity to have one of the best bass anglers in close country Team North America to compete against anglers from around the world. In addition, the winning angler will also receive the Yak4it TOC paid access, lodging and travel to compete.

 sailor fishing Hobie Worlds Mariner Sails is the leader in creating the opportunity for Hobie Fishing for a have been part of the Yak4it TOC. As one of the largest retailers Hobie products, Mariner Sails also has one of the largest inventories of Hobie products, accessories and parts. Anything you need, you will be able to find it in their store and online at www.mariner-sails.com .

the ability to compete against anglers from around the world is very rare, and it’s exciting to see how the Hobie Fishing Worlds 6 helps the sport grow throughout the world. Please start getting your plans together to get Louisiana in December. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we hope you are as excited about it as we . For more information on his Hobie fishing worlds 6: www.hobiefishingworlds.com

 yak4it fish Hobie worlds Tournament of Champions is about bringing together everyone to meet on common ground and others greet from all over the country in a friendly battle to conquer the famous big bass dreamland, Lake Fork. a tournament like this can happen only take part with the support and encouragement of fishermen. You, the fisherman, make this possible through your desire to seek the strongest league has to offer this country. the drive to excel and have your sportsmanship is what makes this sport great.

 Hobie fishing worlds

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